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Chapter 544: 544

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Chapter 544: If She Conceived, She Would Give Birth To The Child

However, it was just one night, was it possible for her to get pregnant?

Thinking of something, she shook her head, somewhat resistant to the idea. “Grandmother, I’m still young. I don’t want to have children so early.”

“You’re still young, but the Emperor… is not young anymore.” The Dowager Duchess lowered her voice when she uttered the last few words.

Lu Liangwei sighed.

Thirty was not considered old in modern times, and many gave birth at forty or fifty. However, she was in ancient times, and the royal family placed a lot of importance on heirs. It was indeed insulting for Long Yang to have no children despite being thirty already.

“Just let nature take its course,” the Dowager Duchess reassured her softly, worried that she would overthink.

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei nodded. She also thought it would be better to let nature take its course.

If she conceived, she would give birth to the child, but if not, she would not force things either.

She did not need an heir to guarantee her position.

After chatting for a while more in Longevity Hall, the grandmother and granddaughter got up and headed to the front courtyard.

It was noon, and the kitchen had already prepared food.

After the family had finished their meal and talked for a while more, Lu Liangwei pulled Long Yang to his feet. “Grandmother, Dad, we want to go to the medicinal shop and see Mom.”

“Go ahead, remember to come back earlier,” the Dowager Duchess said kindly.

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei nodded.

“I’ll go with you.” Lu Tingchen got up as well.

“Go ahead, go ahead.” The Dowager Duchess nodded approvingly.

If the siblings went to see Lihua, maybe she would give in and come back.

When Lu Hetian saw this, his lips moved in an attempt to say that he wanted to go with them, but when he thought of Lihua’s coldness toward him, he gave up the idea eventually.

Never mind, today was the day Weiwei returned home. It was better that he did not go and spoil the mood.

Before leaving the palace, Long Yang had told Zhao Qian to prepare another gift for Ling Lihua.

Therefore, even if they made a detour to the medicinal shop now, they were not in a hurry.

When they arrived at the medicinal shop, Ling Lihua was there as expected.

At this moment, there were two to three patients in the shop. When Ling Lihua saw that Lu Tingchen and his sister had come, she sped up her diagnosis and asked the old beggar to fill each of their prescriptions. After they left, she immediately told Youyou to close the door to the shop.

“Weiwei is here today, so I’ll stop doing business for now.”

Youyou closed the door obediently, then turned around and looked at Lu Liangwei joyfully.

“Sister Empress.” Youyou wanted to step forward but was a little afraid when he saw Long Yang, so he scratched his head and called out sheepishly.

However, Lu Liangwei did not mind and stroked his head. “No need to be cautious. His Majesty isn’t fierce.”

Zhao Qian’s lips twitched, and he thought to himself, ‘Had the Empress misunderstood Master? Master isn’t fierce? Haha!’

Youyou glanced at Long Yang doubtfully.

Was he not fierce? But he did not look like a kind person at all.

Hearing what Lu Liangwei said, Long Yang looked at Youyou with what he thought was a gentle expression. “Sister Empress is right.”

Zhao Qian, Chu Yi, and Chu Qi, “…”

Master was too shameless.

If he was not fierce, who was the one who bit their heads off every time?

“Since Weiwei is back today, we should have a few drinks.” Ling Lihua took Lu Liangwei’s hand and said excitedly.

As there were no outsiders around, she had taken off her veil.

It was the first time Lu Liangwei saw her face. Looking at her features so similar to her own, she still could not help being stunned.

Mother was too beautiful for words!

Lu Tingchen went into a daze as he stared.

Although he was already immune to beautiful women after facing Lu Liangwei all day long, his mother’s beauty was more mature and different from Lu Liangwei’s youthfulness.

The old beggar was unbothered, but Youyou could not tear his eyes away as well.

“Aunt Lin is so beautiful.”

Zhao Qian and Chu Qi were still composed, but Chu Yi was on the brink of salivating.

Master’s mother-in-law was so gorgeous. It was no wonder that the Empress was so beautiful too, it seemed that she had inherited her mother’s beauty.

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