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Chapter 548: 548

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Chapter 548: Cannot Help Wanting To Have a Taste

Lu Liangwei had more or less guessed what Lin Qingyuan wanted to ask, which was why she was not surprised by Lin Qingyuan’s request.

“His Majesty didn’t reveal anything to me, but I’ll help you ask him when I return. However, you shouldn’t have high hopes about this.”

Lu Liangwei paused after saying this. She patted the quilt cover on the table. “You’re not really giving me a present. You’re trying to bribe me.”

“How could you think that? This is the present I’m giving you for your big day,” Lin Qingyuan hugged Lu Liangwei’s arm as she gave her most charming smile.

Lu Liangwei sniggered coldly and pushed Lin Qingyuan away as she stood up. “That’s enough, let’s go out.”

The moment they left the room, the pungent aroma of delicious food wafted at her.

She gave a surprised squeak and followed the aroma, rushing toward the kitchen.

Long Yang, who was having tea in the courtyard, spotted her and immediately approached her to pull her back.

“What are you running for?”

Lu Liangwei was not expecting to be pulled back and she fell into his arms. Her head bumped directly against his chest.

She was momentarily dazed and heard Lin Qingyuan trying her best to stifle her laughter from behind.

By the time she turned back to look, Lin Qingyuan had already escaped into the kitchen.

Embarrassed, Lu Liangwei lifted her fair fingers to rub her throbbing forehead. She glanced at Long Yang then pointed at the kitchen. “Your Majesty, do you smell that aroma? I want to take a look and see what yummy dishes they have prepared.”

A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips as his gaze fell on her slightly red forehead. “I thought you just had lunch not long ago, yet you’re already feeling hungry now?” He took her hand in his as he said this and lifted his other hand to gently rub her forehead.

This girl’s skin was quite sensitive. A while ago, she had gotten slightly darker from being under the sun previously, which would have made her redness less obvious. However, now that her skin was fair again, it had only taken a light bump to cause it to become visibly red.

Lu Liangwei said seriously, “Your Majesty, you may not know this, but there are times when eating is not just to fill up your stomach. I may already be full from lunch, but when I catch a waft of such a delicious aroma, I cannot help wanting to have a taste.”

Long Yang’s lips twitched. Unable to hold himself back, he arched his fingers and softly flicked her on the head, gently rebuking, “You’re just being greedy for food. There’s no need to justify it this way.”

Lu Liangwei massaged her forehead and pouted as she shot him a silent look.

Seeing her reaction, Long Yang looked at her closely. “What’s wrong? You don’t agree?”

“Your loyal wife does not dare to disagree,” Lu Liangwei curtsied at him and said seriously with a solemn expression.

Long Yang smiled. When he saw how she was upset but did not dare voice an angry rebuttal, his smile became wider, and his voice gentler. “I know you love eating, but it’s smokey and oily in the kitchen. Besides, your mother and the others are almost done with the preparations. Just wait a little longer, okay?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Alright.”

Long Yang’s slender fingers pinched her pink, tender cheeks, and then he held her hand again. “Let’s sit for a while.”

Lu Liangwei sat down next to him obediently and looked around. She did not see Ling Lihua, so she eventually asked, “By the way, where’s my mother and brother?”

“Your mother is in the kitchen and your brother followed her inside,” Long Yang said as he poured a cup of tea and handed it to her.

Lu Liangwei accepted the cup from him and took a sip. She looked toward the kitchen. She wanted to go in and have a look too. She had never seen her mother cook before.

However, she suppressed the urge when she saw Long Yang beside her.

She should just forget about it. His Majesty would never allow her to go in there.

That said, could it be that His Majesty was feeling bored, which was why he insisted on her keeping him company?

She rested her chin on her hand and quietly observed him. She suddenly said, “Your Majesty, why don’t you play a song?”

Long Yang cocked his head to the side to look at her. “What?”

Lu Liangwei made a gesture of playing the zither. “The zither. You played it last time in the courtyard.”

She had been too busy trying to run off at the time that she did not listen to him playing properly. Now that she thought about it, his zither-playing sounded really good.

Long Yang was momentarily taken aback, then he burst out laughing.

This girl was the only person in the world who dared give him orders.

However, he did not feel uncomfortable about it at all. Instead, he was delighted.

He raised an eyebrow and reached out a hand toward her. “My dear Empress, you should supply me with a zither first.”

Lu Liangwei blanked out.

Of course, there was no zither here.

When Long Yang saw that adorably blank look on her face, his face was nothing but smiles. He pulled her hand toward him and toyed with her fingers, whispering, “I’ll play for you when we return.”

Lu Liangwei nodded when she heard this. “Alright. Don’t you forget about it, Your Majesty.”

“Okay.” Long Yang rubbed her head adoringly.

It was not long before the dishes were served. Youyou, Zhu Yu, and the others placed the dishes one by one onto the table.

As there were quite a lot of people, two tables were set up in the courtyard, and everyone’s seats were split across the tables.

At that moment, Wu Hongming came walking in with two vats of wine.

“Uncle Wu.”

Lu Liangwei greeted him.

Wu Hongming immediately smiled benevolently at her. “Weiwei.”

Lu Tingchen stood up and took the wine from him, looking delighted. “Uncle Wu, you sure know me well. This is exactly what I was craving for.”

“Big Brother, are you revealing to everyone that you are an alcoholic?” Lu Liangwei said without holding back.

Wu Hongming laughed uproariously. “You’re being too harsh on your older brother on this. He’s just following your mother’s footsteps. Your mother also craves this a lot.”

Lu Liangwei looked at Ling Lihua with slight surprise when she heard this. “Mother, you enjoy drinking?”

Her mother looked fragile and gentle; she never imagined her mother to be a drinker.

However, this probably was not surprising if you considered that she was the House Leader of the House of Swallow Snow.

Her mother may look fragile and gentle, but she was actually a person of strong character and was no ordinary woman.

Ling Lihua glared at Wu Hongming. “What nonsense are you talking about? When did I ever enjoy drinking? I only took a few sips occasionally.”

As she said this, she turned to look at Lu Liangwei and said softly, “Don’t believe his words. I’m different from your brother. It’s… your father that your brother takes after.”

In the distant Grand Duke Mansion, Lu Hetian sneezed for no apparent reason.

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