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Chapter 571: Weiwei, Stop Moving About

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Chapter 571: Weiwei, Stop Moving About

One small kiss and she moved away.

The light fragrance from the girl engulfed him, but then disappeared almost instantly. Long Yang was left in a slight daze.

He wanted to do something to her, but she was covered with rashes, so he could only embrace her tightly in his arms.

“Your Majesty, can you tell me now?”

Lu Liangwei became anxious when she saw that he had shut his eyes.

Would His Majesty simply brush this off?

That would mean she had kissed him for nothing.

Just as this thought crossed her mind, Long Yang slowly said, “Chen Xuping will be executed by the Ministry of Discipline in a few days. As for the other members of the Duke Chen Family, they will be pardoned from the death sentence since they have no prior knowledge of Chen Xuping’s crimes. Also, in conjunction with our wedding, I have given the order to reduce sentences for some criminals, and the Duke Chen Family fits this criteria. They were supposed to be exiled, but their sentence has been amended to banishment from the imperial capital. They can never return to the capital for the rest of their lives.”

Lu Liangwei felt some relief when she heard this.

Even though she did not know the Duke Chen Family well, she had always felt that the ancient way of executing an entire family by way of punishment was too cruel and implicated too many people. Moreover, the others within the Duke Chen Family were innocent. If the entire family were to be executed over Chen Xuping’s individual crimes, it would be too much of an injustice.

Now that Long Yang had revealed that they would only be banished from the imperial capital, it was a good thing. Not only have they escaped death, but they would also not needlessly suffer from being exiled to a cold and bitter land.


“Isn’t this supposed to be a general amnesty?” Lu Liangwei asked in slight astonishment when she recalled that he mentioned ‘reduced sentence’ instead.

Long Yang opened his eyes and pinched her cheek with a smile. “Where did you hear this from?”

“It doesn’t matter where I heard it from. Why didn’t you announce general amnesty instead of sentence reductions?” The dramas on television always told such stories. Every time someone in the royal family had a wedding or a huge birthday celebration, there would be a general amnesty announced.

Why was it different when it came to Long Yang?

Long Yang toyed with her fingers. “Do you want me to announce general amnesty?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Of course not.”

She frowned and continued, “It would be best that you didn’t announce general amnesty.”

Long Yang asked, his interest piqued, “Why?”

Lu Liangwei replied seriously, “If you announced a general amnesty, wouldn’t the criminals who had committed serious crimes, or those truly evil ones, get pardoned? If a criminal with no intention of turning over a new leaf was released, wouldn’t he continue to commit more crimes, or even harm the commoners?”

Long Yang nodded. “That is why I don’t encourage general amnesty, and instead prefer the reduction of sentences for criminals who are on good behavior or are sincere in changing their ways.”

“This is a very good decision, Your Majesty. This will motivate those who are determined to change and do good, and at the same time not let off those who refuse to change and do not regret their evil deeds. These bad men won’t ever get a chance at striking it lucky.”

“You approve of my decision that much?” Long Yang’s face was filled with delight as he watched her expressive, petite face. His eyes were brimming with pleasure.

“Your Majesty’s capability at ruling your government is second to none. Naturally, I am impressed,” Lu Liangwei said sincerely.

“It is my utmost honor to be approved by the Empress,” Long Yang replied as his finger brushed against her back.

Lu Liangwei was slightly ticklish; she laughed and tried to avoid him, but was then quickly pressed into his arms. It was clear from his voice that he was trying his best to suppress his desire. “Weiwei, stop moving about.”

Lu Liangwei immediately quietened, but she could not help mumbling, “You shouldn’t move about either.

“I’m ticklish,” she added.

Long Yang replied, “Alright. Now that you’ve gotten the answer you wanted, can we go to sleep now?”

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