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Chapter 581: 581

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Chapter 581: Shared The Same Pants

Chu Qi felt a little guilty about this and when Chu Yi came after him furiously, he instinctively hid behind Long Chi, who was the nearest to him.

Long Chi had been standing there for quite a while, and was already slightly annoyed. When he saw that he had suddenly become a target because of Chu Qi, he felt even more annoyed.

Unfortunately, Chu Yi was not the best at recognizing faces. He lifted his broadsword and ran toward Chu Qi without a thought about who was blocking him. The thought of that bump on his forehead made him want to kill Chu Qi immediately.

That rascal, Chu Qi, would always look down on him just because his martial arts skill was better than his. Chu Qi had always acted arrogant, and he swore to teach him a proper lesson today.

“Chu Qi, stop hiding if you dare. Get out here and face me,” he roared.

Long Chi felt his eardrums almost rupturing, but he tried his best not to lose his temper. “Chu Yi, how dare you!”

Only then did Chu Yi seem to realize that the person in front of him was the Crown Prince. He bowed at the Crown Prince rather brusquely. “Your humble servant greets the Crown Prince.”

With that, he straightened his body without waiting for Long Chi to say a word and continued, “Your Highness, please move to the side. Chu Qi hurt me for no reason, and I’d like to settle this with him.”

The veins on Long Chi’s forehead were pounding. He did not understand why a man like his Royal Uncle would keep such a buffoon by his side.

He would never have tolerated this behavior if not for his Royal Uncle having a high regard for Chu Yi.

Moreover, this was Grand Phoenix Palace, and Chu Yi was his Royal Uncle’s man. Even if he was unhappy about the situation, he had no choice but to move aside for Chu Yi.

However, the moment Long Chi made a move, Chu Qi followed suit and moved as well, which almost sent Chu Yi into a fit of rage.

“Chu Qi, I never knew you were such a wimp. Aren’t you a pretty good fighter? Come out here right now, and we’ll fight three hundred rounds. If I lose, I won’t hold whatever happened today against you.”

Chu Qi sighed. “It’s not that I’m afraid of you. I’m just worried I will hurt you again.”

Chu Yi, “…”

How arrogant could this fellow be?

Chu Yi was enraged. He picked up his broadsword and swung it at Chu Qi without hesitation. “Take this!”

The look on Long Chi’s face changed upon sensing the cold aura emanating from the broadsword’s sharp edge. He swiftly evaded the swing, but some of his hair was sliced off.

Long Chi’s face turned green as he watched his hair fall to the ground. “Chu Yi!”

Chu Yi did not hear him because Chu Qi, who now had nowhere to hide, had hurriedly flown out of Grand Phoenix Palace.

How could he allow Chu Qi to escape? He quickly gave chase using Light Body Skill.

He seemed to be unaware of the huge commotion he had left behind him at Grand Phoenix Palace.

“Your Highness, are you okay?” Lu Yunshuang was still in shock as she helped Long Chi up.

The other servants in the Palace were so frightened that they immediately knelt.

Even the Virtuous Consort and the other concubines looked pale.

That was because they had been standing quite close to where the Crown Prince was. When Chu Yi swung his broadsword, that chilling aura emanating from it had also lashed out right against their fronts.

They did not know any martial arts. When the sharp edge of the sword had come close, the blood in their bodies surged like waves. Even their internal organs felt as if they had been moved from their original locations.

The concubines still felt the fear when they recalled the scene just now.

Zhao Qian rushed to the scene when he heard the news. When he saw the hair on the ground, he looked at Long Chi grimly and said, “Apologies for the scare, Your Highness. I will report this to His Majesty and have Chu Yi and Chu Qi severely taught a lesson. They were overboard. How could they start a fight right in front of the Crown Prince!”

Long Chi still looked upset.

Everyone knew that Zhao Qian practically shared the same pants as Chu Yi, Chu Qi, and the others, and they had a very close relationship.

Even though Zhao Qian may have made the promise, it was mostly empty words. The matter would be trivialized once everyone left.

“There is no need to trouble you, Eunuch Zhao. I am still required to wait for Royal Uncle and the Empress. I will personally report this to Royal Uncle later.”

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