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Chapter 582: 582

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Chapter 582: His Royal Uncle, Who Was Supposed To Be A Righteous Gentleman

A troubled look appeared on Zhao Qian’s face when he heard this. “But His Majesty…”

“What about Royal Uncle?” Long Chi quickly asked.

“His Majesty and Her Highness are done with their breakfast, but His Majesty has accompanied Her Highness back to her bedroom. He has instructed me specifically to inform everyone not to wait any longer. You may all return.” Zhao Qian gave a light cough as he said this with a slightly coy expression.

In reality, Long Yang had suddenly remembered it was time for Lu Liangwei to take her medicine after they finished breakfast, which was why he brought her back to her room. He also wanted to check if her rashes had subsided, and completely forgot that there were still people waiting for them.

However, Zhao Qian had intentionally used these choice words, and coupled with that meaningful expression he gave them, the others could not help but think deeper into it.

Long Chi and the others’ train of thought quickly arrived at bedroom affairs.

Long Chi’s face darkened as he clenched his fists tightly.

He had never thought that his Royal Uncle, who was supposed to be a righteous gentleman, turned out to be an impatient lecher.

It was broad daylight and they had just eaten breakfast. Besides that, there were a bunch of people waiting for him, yet his Royal Uncle could not wait to take her to the bedroom.

What other reason could there be for him bringing her to the bedroom? It could only be for one thing.

However, his Royal Uncle was unable to perform. He must be doing something truly despicable in there.

The Virtuous Consort and the others were having the same line of thought as Long Chi.

The Emperor was actually having an immoral conduct in the daytime!

Aside from being shocked to the core, they were also extremely jealous.

Was the Emperor that infatuated with Lu Liangwei?

She was nothing but a wretched little girl who was wet behind the ears. Even though she was a great beauty, she was still quite a young thing. Why did His Majesty fall for her type?

A myriad of emotions ran through all three concubines. On top of their conflicted feelings, they were also filled with hatred and jealousy.

This was especially so for Ji Linghui. The venomous hatred in her eyes was almost too difficult to hide.

That slut, Lu Liangwei! Who does she think she is to hoard all of the Emperor’s attention?

She tugged on her handkerchief with great force. Her mad jealousy threw a shade of savageness onto her originally gentle and beautiful face.

Xiao Xia, who was standing next to her, noticed the look on Ji Linghui’s face, and could not help but tremble.

Once her Miss was angered, she would be the one who would end up tortured when they returned.

Since His Majesty had informed them not to continue waiting, everyone returned to their respective palaces.

The moment they returned to Bright Refine Palace, Ji Linghui grabbed a bunch of silver needles and stabbed them into Xiao Xia’s flesh.

Xiao Xia’s features were contorted from the pain, but she did not dare make a sound.

Quite some time passed before Ji Linghui was done venting. She finally said with a dark look on her face, “What is Xiu’er doing? She promised me before that she will find a way to stop that slut, Lu Liangwei, from entering the Palace. But what happened now?”

Not only did Lu Liangwei manage to marry into the Palace, she even had His Majesty wrapped around her little finger.

“Find a way to get her to see me in the Palace!” Ji Linghui ordered coldly.

Xiao Xia tried to suppress the pain in her body as she replied, “I’ll get someone to send your message to Third Miss immediately.”

The moment Xiao Xia left, Ji Linghui fell onto the bed, as if all the energy in her body had disappeared.

However, her heart was still filled to the brim with grievance, hatred, and vengeance.

His Majesty had never given her a look after so many years. Why?

She used to think that His Majesty was someone who had little desire and practiced abstinence, but now, it looked like His Majesty was not someone who entirely rejected the opposite sex.

Why was he fine with Lu Liangwei, but not with her?

Grand Phoenix Palace.

Long Yang made sure that Lu Liangwei had finished all her medicine.

Long Yang took a look at her neck and saw that the rashes did not seem to be fading. He frowned at this.

“You’ve drunk the medicine Chief Physician Lin prescribed to you twice. Why aren’t your symptoms going away? It looks like Chief Physician Lin’s medical skills have fallen behind. He can’t even treat rashes like these.”

Lu Liangwei broke out in a sweat when she heard the blame on Chief Physician Lin despite it not being his fault.

“There is nothing wrong with Chief Physician Lin’s prescription. Such rashes don’t heal in a short time. It would take at least two days before the symptoms disappear. The rashes have faded quite a bit already, in fact.”

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