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Chapter 584: 584

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Chapter 584: Upon Closer Look, It Was More Of A Performance Than Real Concern

“There’s no need for formalities. You may rise,” Long Yang said as he gave a wave of his hand, indicating for them to get up. He then held Lu Liangwei’s hand and quickly entered the Grand Duke Mansion.

Lu Liangwei was consumed with worry over Lu Hetian, and did not even look at them.

Long Chi frowned as he watched the Emperor and Empress walk into the mansion.

Did his Royal Uncle not find this situation uncomfortable at all?

Uncle and nephew were now in-laws. It sounded like quite the joke if one were to talk about the situation.

When Lu Yunshuang saw Lu Liangwei walk past her to get into the mansion, she felt quite unhappy.

She was anxious about her father being injured too.

Who was Lu Liangwei trying to show off her performance of distress to?

At the thought of this, Lu Yunshuang decided not to lose out to Lu Liangwei. She quickly turned toward Long Chi to say, “Your Highness, let’s get inside too. Father is hurt and I’m quite worried…”

Long Chi gave her a look of indifference. “Alright, let’s go.”

Lu Liangwei and Long Yang headed straight for Lu Hetian’s residence, Gentle Breeze Court.

When Lu Liangwei arrived, the Dowager Duchess was already seated in front of Lu Hetian’s bed. She was watching the pale and unconscious Lu Hetian on the bed silently.

“Dowager Duchess, Miss Weiwei is here,” Aunt Lan quickly informed the Dowager Duchess when she saw Lu Liangwei enter the room.

The Dowager Duchess turned to look when she heard this. When she saw Long Yang accompanying Lu Liangwei into the room, she stood up.

“Greetings to…”

She was about to bow when Long Yang stopped her.

“Grandmother, there are no outsiders here. There is no need for such unnecessary formalities.”

The Dowager Duchess nodded and did not stand on ceremony. She noticed the upset look on Lu Liangwei’s face and quickly held her hand to console her. “There’s no need to worry. Your father is fine. He’s just unconscious for now and has yet to wake up.”

Lu Liangwei was slightly relieved when she heard this. “Grandmother, you should sit down first. I’d like to check Father’s pulse.”

The Dowager Duchess nodded. “You might as well.”

She released Lu Liangwei’s hand.

Lu Liangwei approached the bed and looked at her unconscious father. Her heart ached a little to see him this way.

She held her breath for a while to focus, then bent over to place her fingers on his pulse. She found that his pulse was weak and unstable. It was caused by excessive blood loss.

Her chest tightened at the sight of the bandage wrapped around his neck.

It looked like her father had suffered a serious injury to his neck.

However, it looked like his wound had been nicely bandaged and he had taken medicine.

How could he have hurt his neck when he was doing perfectly fine before?

His pulse indicated that the wound was quite serious.

Lu Liangwei released her grip and looked questioningly at the Dowager Duchess.

The Dowager Duchess was about to say something when Aunt Lan suddenly called out, “The Crown Prince and Crown Princess are here.”

The Dowager Duchess frowned and stopped whatever she was about to say as she stood up.

Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang entered.

“Grandmother, is Father alright?” Lu Yunshuang did not even look at the unconscious Lu Hetian lying on the bed. The first person she looked at was the Dowager Duchess, and there was an anxious look on her face.

The Dowager Duchess noticed that Lu Yunshuang did not even bother looking at Lu Hetian, and instead asked for her at the first opportunity. On the surface, it looked like she was worried about Lu Hetian being hurt, but upon closer look, it was more of a performance than real concern.

The look on the Dowager Duchess’ face turned slightly indifferent. “He’s fine. There’s no need to worry.”

Lu Yunshuang gave a relieved look when she heard this. “That’s great.”

It was only then that she approached the bed. She gave the unconscious Lu Hetian a look and sobbed. “How did Father get hurt? He was doing fine before this. Has the assassin been captured?”

Lu Liangwei frowned, but said nothing. She gave a questioning look at the Dowager Duchess as well.

The Dowager Duchess paused before continuing, “The assassin has yet to be caught.”

Lu Yunshuang said furiously, “That assassin is much too brazen to even think about assaulting Father. This won’t do. The assassin must be caught.”

As she said this, she turned toward Long Yang. “Your Majesty, I implore you to seek justice for my father and decree an edict to capture the assassin.”

Long Yang gave her an indifferent look. “I will make my own decision on this matter. There is no need for the Crown Princess to worry about this.”

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