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Chapter 587: 587

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Chapter 587: His Majesty Can Go With Me

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes.”

The Dowager Duchess was a little concerned. “But…”

Right then, Long Yang walked in with Lu Tingchen and said warmly, “Don’t worry, Madam. I’ll go with Weiwei.”

The Dowager Duchess was glad to hear this. “Be careful, then.”

“We will.” Long Yang gave her a small nod.

Lu Liangwei glanced at Lu Tingchen and saw sweat on his forehead—he had clearly rushed back here. “Don’t worry, Big Bro. I’ve already examined Dad. His injury is under control and he’ll be fine. He’s just passed out from losing too much blood.”

Lu Tingchen was already by the bed, gazing at his father. When he heard what his sister said, he was relieved.

He turned and looked at Lu Liangwei and Long Yang. “I’ll go too.”

Lu Liangwei frowned. “Dad’s not awake yet, and Grandmother’s old. It’s better if you stay at home and take care of Dad. His Majesty can go with me.”

Lu Tingchen cast a glance at the Dowager Duchess. Observing the weariness on her face, he finally agreed. “All right then. Try to come back soon.”

“We will,” Lu Liangwei replied, then added to the Dowager Duchess, “Why don’t you go and rest for a bit, Grandmother? Big Bro can stay here.”

The Dowager Duchess was indeed a little tired, so she did not object to it. She nodded, and with Aunt Lan’s support, left Gentle Breeze Court.

After watching her leave, Lu Liangwei and Long Yang set out as well.

White Cloud Temple was not far from the imperial capital, just a ten-mile journey after leaving the city.

White Cloud temple was located at the foot of the mountain of Jiuhua Temple.

It was near midday when Lu Liangwei and Long Yang arrived.

After they had gotten down from the carriage, Zhao Qian steered it to one side and tied it securely. He then scuttled over to White Cloud Temple and knocked on the door.

A young nun opened it. At the sight of Zhao Qian’s attire, she paused before putting her palms together, and after hesitating briefly, asked, “Namo Mitabhaya. Is there something you need, O Patron?”

White Cloud Temple was an all-nun temple, and there were usually no male visitors, so the young nun did not ask Zhao Qian if he was there to offer incense.

Zhao Qian answered, “Please ask your abbess to come out. We have something to ask her.”

The young nun gave him an uncertain glance.

Lu Liangwei quickly stepped forward and said, “Dear Sister, I’m the second lady of the Lu Family. I need to talk to your abbess; could you please inform her?”

The young nun’s expression relaxed when she heard this. “Please come in, Patron Lu. I’ll ask our abbess to come out right away.”

Lu Liangwei nodded and said to Long Yang, “Your Majesty, White Cloud Temple is an all-nun temple, so it may be inconvenient for you two to go in. Why don’t you wait for me here while I go in to have a look?”

Long Yang held her hand, his brow furrowing. “But I’m worried about you going in alone.”

Lu Liangwei patted the purse hanging on her waist and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty. I can protect myself. If something goes wrong, I’ll shout for you; how’s that sound?”

Long Yang followed her movement and glanced at the purse on her waist. His lips curved upward, then he stroked her hair and said, “All right. Be careful.”

“I will. Don’t worry, Your Majesty,” Lu Liangwei said with a smile before entering White Cloud Temple by herself.

White Cloud Temple was similar to an ancestral hall, and it was funded and built by the Lu Family. That was why Madam Zheng had been sent here, and also why the young nun changed her attitude after realizing their visitor was Lu Liangwei.

The temple was not too large, and it housed about a dozen nuns.

Lu Liangwei was invited to a nearby meditation room for tea while she waited. Before long, the abbess arrived.

“Patron Lu.” The moment the abbess walked in, she bowed to Lu Liangwei.

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