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Chapter 595: 595

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Chapter 595: Does His Majesty Know What A Sweet Talker You Are

Ling Lihua was exasperated but also amused. She suddenly said teasingly, “Does His Majesty know what a sweet talker you are?”

Lu Liangwei was not prepared for the sudden mention of His Majesty, and her face went red. She was too embarrassed to continue acting coy, and immediately straightened up to change the topic. “How do you plan to handle Madam Zheng’s body now that she’s died like that?”

Ling Lihua’s expression turned grim. “I’ll just get someone to dispose of her body at some unmarked burial ground.”

Lu Liangwei did not feel anything was wrong with this.

It did not matter if Madam Zheng had been instructed by someone behind the scenes. Lu Liangwei’s mother had shown Madam Zheng great kindness, yet she had turned her back on Ling Lihua to seduce Lu Liangwei’s father. This was a fact.

Moreover, Madam Zheng had caused Lu Liangwei’s parents to fall out, with them ending up being separated for decades. Madam Zheng deserved such an ending.

Lu Liangwei did not feel any sympathy for her.

As long as Lu Liangwei’s mother was able to resolve her hatred, anything her mother did was in the right.

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei nodded in agreement.

However, Ling Lihua changed her mind in the end. “Forget about that. It’s better that I send someone to inform your grandmother and father. I’ll let them decide on how to handle Madam Zheng’s funeral.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I’ll follow whatever you decide, Mother.”

This comforted Ling Lihua quite a lot. She rubbed Lu Liangwei’s head. “Why didn’t His Majesty accompany you on this outing?”

“He did. He even accompanied me to White Cloud Temple, but I made him return to the Palace on the way back,” Lu Liangwei explained. Long Yang had wanted to accompany her longer, but she forced him to go back prematurely.

She had told him that if he did not return to the Palace to finish his work, she would stay overnight at her mother’s place and not go home.

She was rather surprised at how obediently His Majesty left after she said this.

She could not help but smile at the memory.

Ling Lihua teased her when she spotted the smile. “He went back to the Palace just because you told him to? Or did you use some tricks to make my dear son-in-law go back so obediently?”

Lu Liangwei was embarrassed.

Her mother was only thirty-seven, which was only seven years older than His Majesty.

Lu Liangwei could not help feeling slightly awkward at her mother referring to Long Yang as her son-in-law so naturally.

“No, I didn’t.” She shook her head to deny it.

Ling Lihua pulled apart Lu Liangwei’s collar to take a peek inside. She was satisfied to see that the rashes were still there and said, “It’s a pretty rare sight that His Majesty is not glued to you. Stay here for the night and let’s sleep together.”

Her son-in-law would not be touching Weiwei when she returned, anyway. It would make no difference if she went back or not.

Lu Liangwei immediately agreed. “Alright.”

She wanted to sleep with her mother too. She seemed to have already forgotten the promise she had made to Long Yang.

In no time, the Grand Duke Family sent someone over to retrieve Madam Zheng’s body.

However, the Dowager Duchess did not allow Madam Zheng’s body to be brought to the Grand Duke Mansion, and instead ordered that they purchase a coffin for Madam Zheng and send it to the suburbs. She had also gotten someone to pick out a place with good Fengshui for Madam Zheng to be buried in, while also sending a messenger to Lu Yunshuang about this.

Lu Yunshuang rushed to the suburbs when she received the message.

As Lu Yunshuang had yet to see Madam Zheng one last time, the servants did not nail the coffin down yet.

They covered the coffin only after Lu Yunshuang had seen Madam Zheng.

Lu Yunshuang stood in front of the coffin with a dark look on her face.

Hong Xiu was by the side, and could clearly see the hatred in Lu Yunshuang’s eyes.

When the messenger arrived from the Grand Duke Mansion, she was told that Madam Zheng had experienced sudden death at White Cloud Temple, and the Crown Princess should come to see Madam Zheng off.

However, Lu Yunshuang had seen Madam Zheng’s body and even though the body had been cleaned up well, it was quite obvious that she had been sick for quite a while judging from her pale and sunken face.

No matter how lowly Madam Zheng was, she was still a concubine of the Grand Duke Family and the biological mother of the Crown Princess. Who would dare to treat her this badly?

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