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Chapter 598: 598

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Chapter 598: That Girl Had Stood Him Up

The Empress and his Master had only been married for a few days and slept in the same bed only a handful of times. Yet, the Empress had left him alone to return to her natal home. She had chosen to stay overnight at the medicinal shop, which raised a fair amount of curiosity.

If he were to deliver the message to his master about the Empress not returning tonight, would his master vent all his anger onto him instead?

Chu Yi sneered when he thought of this.

That rascal, Zhao Qian, knew that this was not going to be an easy message to deliver, which was why Zhao Qian wanted to use him instead.

Was he that stupid?

Zhao Qian wanted Chu Yi to take the fall.

What a good plan Zhao Qian had set up!

Chu Yi was about to storm off in anger when he saw Chu Qi approach slowly from inside.

When he saw how relaxed and casual Chu Qi was acting, he suddenly felt his right eye begin to throb.

That little rascal!

“Chu Qi, come over here.” He tried to suppress his anger as he waved Chu Qi over with a smile on his face.

Chu Qi glanced at him. He wanted to ignore Chu Yi, but the sight of Chu Yi’s blackened right eye made him stop in his tracks, and he went over to the man in the end.

“What do you want?”

Chu Yi covered his right eye and made some pained noises. “My eye is injured because of you, and the pain hasn’t completely subsided. I can’t face Master looking like this. It’s just as well that you’re here. Could you go in and inform Master that the Empress will be staying overnight at the medicinal shop tonight and won’t be returning to the Palace?”

After he said that, he cried out in pain once more. “I can’t take it. I need to apply some medicine or I’ll end up blind. Please remember to inform Master about this.”

He ran off at lightning speed after he was done passing the message.

Chu Qi frowned and looked at the direction Chu Yi had vanished while he fell deep in thought.

Besides the discomfort of Chu Yi’s eyes, there must be something else Chu Yi was hiding from him.

However, he could not figure out what exactly it was. Chu Qi gave this some more thought before eventually deciding to enter the study room.

Long Yang was marking memorials inside.

Chu Qi entered the room and reported the entire message relayed by Chu Yi to his master.

“Master, the Empress said that she will be staying overnight in the medicinal shop and won’t be returning to the Palace tonight,” Chu Qi said monotonously.

Long Yang stopped marking the memorials as he lifted his head to dart Chu Qi a look. “What did you just say?”

Chu Qi paused for a moment before elaborating. “Chu Yi said that the Empress won’t be returning to the Palace tonight. She wants to accompany the Grand Duchess at the medicinal shop.”

Long Yang pressed his fingers between his eyes as a dangerous smile appeared on his lips. Who would have thought that the girl had stood him up?

She had promised him in the afternoon that she would return tonight if he returned to the Palace to take care of his duties. In the end, it was just her attempt to convince him to go back.

“Run ten circles around the Palace walls!”

Chu Qi thought he had misheard as he stared at his master in shock.

What wrong had he done? Why would his master hand him such a heavy punishment?!

He was not happy about this. “I didn’t do anything wrong, why would Master punish me?”

Long Yang shot him a look. “Do I need a reason?”

Chu Qi pursed his lips and stubbornly stood where he was.

He thought of something, and suddenly had a vague understanding of why his master would vent such anger on him.

He muttered, “No wonder the Empress is unwilling to return!”

With that, he flew out of the room at lightning speed.

Thinking about how his master was going to have a hard time going to sleep, Chu Qi suddenly felt that ten circles around the Palace walls was not a difficult feat.

Long Yang, “…”

He flung his brush away, planning to leave the Palace and personally drag Lu Liangwei back, but when he considered her stubborn temper, he decided to let it go.


Lu Liangwei and Ling Lihua slept on the same bed. The mother and daughter had so much to talk about.

They were both highly talented in medical skills, and the topic of medicine alone had them chatting for hours.

They chatted deep into the night until Lu Liangwei dozed off into deep sleep while lying against Ling Lihua.

Ling Lihua felt incredibly happy as she watched her daughter next to her.

Even though her daughter was all grown up, she would always be a child in her parents’ eyes.

Ling Lihua had left not long after her daughter was born. To be able to share a bed with her daughter was something that she had never dared to dream of.

Yet now, her daughter was right where she could touch her.

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