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Chapter 6

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Lu Tingchen went still. He had to admit that although the two of them were brother and sister from the same mother, his younger sister had been spoiled by their father ever since she was little and her temperament tended to annoy others. Furthermore, she had never been close to him and, over time, their brother-sister relationship became more and more distant.

On the other hand, to achieve her desire of marrying Long Chi, she had desperately tried to stir up a commotion and, to be honest, he was getting tired of her antics.

Seeing him choke, Lu Liangwei smiled faintly. “I know a lot, actually.”

Lu Tingchen gave a noncommittal snort but then saw her bring out another bowl of wontons from the food box.

He was stunned.

“It’s a bore to eat alone. Brother, let’s eat together,” Lu Liangwei said with a smile, passing the chopsticks into his hand. She picked up another pair of chopsticks then sat down and started eating.


Looking at her small face flushed by the heat, Lu Tingchen felt his heart go soft. He picked up his chopsticks and began eating as well.

It was an extremely ordinary breakfast, but Lu Tingchen felt very contented.

After the meal, he suddenly said, “Speak, what do you want from me?”

Lu Liangwei flashed him an ‘I can’t hide anything from you’ look, and so did not bother with any pleasantries as she bluntly said, “Big Brother, I want to learn medicine. When you come back, can you bring me some medical books?”


Lu Tingchen was taken aback by the unexpected request; he expected her to ask for something along the lines of persuading Long Chi to accept her as a concubine.

The initial shock soon turned into relief as he asked, “Do you really want to study medicine?”

Lu Liangwei nodded slightly. “Yes, can you help me, Big Brother?”

Lu Tingchen looked at his sister and saw that she was not joking, so he stood up and said, “If you want to study medicine there is no need to go and buy books. Have you forgotten? When our mother was alive, she was a physician who aided the public and had saved many people.”

Lu Liangwei was surprised.

Her mother knew medicine?

There was no mention of this in the book.

“Well then, Big Brother, show me now.” She got up and pestered him.

Seeing her urgent appearance, Lu Tingchen nodded.

Madam Ling lived in the Fragrant Blooms Court before her death.

Although she had passed away many years ago, everything in Fragrant Blooms Court was well maintained, which was a clear indicator of the place Madam Ling held in Lu Hetian’s heart.


“This was the place where our mother usually researched and studied medicine. Most of the books in here are related to medicine.” Lu Tingchen pushed open a room and said lightly.

Lu Liangwei stepped into the room and her eyes lit up when she saw the books on medicine stacked on the two bookshelves inside the room.

Who would have thought that Madam Ling had such a collection of medicinal books? Madam Ling’s zeal for the world of medicine was clear as day.

Lu Liangwei pulled a book from the shelf and could not hide her surprise at how well-maintained these books were.

Lu Tingchen explained, “These medical books were all left behind by our mother. Father often had people move them out to dry them, which is why they’re still in such good condition.”

Lu Liangwei listened profoundly and willfully flipped through the books.

She had deliberately asked Lu Tingchen to help her get medical books to read, but in fact it was only to lay the groundwork for future matters.

Medicine was her forte and she definitely would not give up this skill in the foreseeable future. The original Lu Liangwei was not adept at medicine. Hence, she had to act like she was learning it in front of Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen so that when she finally displayed her medical prowess in the future, they should not be too surprised as to start raising suspicions.

After flipping a few pages, Lu Liangwei realized that these medical books left by Madam Ling were actually very useful and may even be difficult to purchase outside.

At that moment, she was staring at the book as if she had found a hidden treasure.

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