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Chapter 60: 60

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When Second Miss Lu presented the longevity noodles to the master, he even ate with the chopsticks that she had used.

It was incredible for a clean freak like the master to use chopsticks that had been on someone else’s mouth.

He guessed that the Virtuous Consort, who had been sitting in the seat nearest to the imperial throne at that time, had seen this too.

No wonder the Virtuous Consort was so anxious.

The Virtuous Consort knew well that the master disliked consorts bothering him and coming to Hidden Dragon Palace without being summoned, yet she still came of her own accord.

In the past, it could be said that the Virtuous Consort was the role model for all concubines in the imperial harem. She knew her place well, never sought attention, and refrained from doing anything that the master disliked.

However, it seemed her efforts had eventually gone to waste tonight.

It was understandable that the Virtuous Consort would become panicked and distressed.

“What’s with your expression?” Long Yang’s cold and deep voice came out of nowhere, startling Zhao Qian to the point that he almost jumped to his feet.

He touched his face and feigned a calm reply, “Was I showing any expression?”

“No, what are you muttering about in your heart?”

Zhao Qian was shocked. “Master, you can even tell that I was muttering to myself inside?”

“Say it.” Long Yang’s gaze was still icy, but there was a hint of a smile on his mouth.

Seeing this, Zhao Qian put on a dramatic expression and said, “If I tell the truth, please don’t punish me, Master.”

Long Yang said with an air of patience, “You can go and receive your punishment now if you still won’t speak.”

Zhao Qian gulped and finally said, “Master, when you were eating the longevity noodles, you accidentally, uh, used Second Miss Lu’s chopsticks…”

After speaking, he hurriedly closed his mouth and lowered his head, wishing he could vanish into thin air.

The master would not kill him, would he?

After hearing what Zhao Qian said, Long Yang was stunned for a while, then a trace of annoyance passed between his brows.

“I wasn’t paying attention at that time,” he said solemnly after a long pause.

It was hard to say if he was explaining that to Zhao Qian or himself.

Zhao Qian’s eyes darted around quickly, and he nodded in agreement. “That must be it—you weren’t paying attention, Master. How naughty of Second Miss Lu to not tell you even though she saw it and let you end up ingesting her saliva.”

His tone was a little disgruntled, but Long Yang frowned and glared at him. “Since you also saw it, why didn’t you tell me?”

Zhao Qian suddenly felt that he had just shot himself in the foot.

Surely there was no way he could say, ‘I couldn’t bear to speak up because I saw you eating so happily’?

“I was totally stunned at the time. By the time I came back to my senses, you’ve already finished eating, Master.”

Long Yang pursed his lips. He suddenly thought of something, and a slight shade of red appeared on his handsome face.

He turned sideways slightly, not wanting Zhao Qian to see his change in expression.

He did not want to give it too much thought, but the scene that he saw after waking up in the study room that day kept running through his mind.

He furrowed his brow deeply.

He was already thirty this year and was not some vigorous young man, so why did he feel a slight sense of childish joy when he saw Second Miss Lu?

He thought long and hard and finally concluded that this unusual feeling was most likely due to Lu Liangwei’s uniqueness.

She claimed that she could cure his illness and even used a bowl of longevity noodles to save him from the dreadful situation which he almost suffered today.

At that time, he was suffering from an attack and was beginning to feel that he might not be able to hold out.

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