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Chapter 600: 600

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Chapter 600: There Were Serious Consequence For Angering His Majesty

However, this one was on her. If she had not distracted the covert guards, Madam Zheng might not have died so soon.

“What exactly did Madam Zheng know?” Lu Tingchen was curious about this.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I have no idea, but it must be a huge secret that someone cannot afford to reveal. Otherwise, why would a concubine like her end up being assassinated?”

“Who in the world would want her dead?” Lu Tingchen mused.

Lu Liangwei frowned. “Even though Madam Zheng was not able to reveal who was the mastermind in time, but from what she had told us, it’s clear that someone had arranged for her to show up suddenly all those years ago.”

The words struck Lu Tingchen like a lightning bolt. “Are you saying that someone planned it when Madam Zheng brought Lu Yunshuang home? If that was true, that makes Lu Yunshuang…”

Lu Liangwei nodded and finished his sentence. “I think it’s highly possible that she isn’t Father’s child.”

Both siblings looked at each other after Lu Liangwei uttered the words.

Lu Tingchen was in disbelief. “If that’s true, it would mean that someone had planned for Father and Mother to fall out.”

“That could be it. Father and Mother fell into someone’s trap.”

“Why would they want to create tension between Father and Mother?”

Lu Liangwei gave this some thought before saying, “I think that the mastermind’s target is Mother. Mother’s presence could have posed a threat to them, which was why they came up with this plan so that Mother will have a misunderstanding with Father. Knowing Mother’s temperament, they guessed she would leave following the heartbreak and disappointment. Also, when Mother ran away back then, there were assassins waiting to ambush her. But the assassins never appeared again after she faked her death by jumping off the cliff. This probably happened because the assassins thought Mother had died from the fall, so they stopped going after her. However, Madam Zheng had paid with her life the moment I brought her back here. That means that whoever the mastermind is, that person must be close to us.”

Lu Tingchen felt his chest tighten when she finished her analysis. “Wouldn’t this mean that Mother is in danger?”

Lu Liangwei had thought about this as well.

“Big Brother, send more people to protect Mother covertly once you return. I’ll talk to Senior and Uncle Wu about this as well to get their guards up.”

“This is all we can do for now,” Lu Tingchen replied, looking serious.

He suddenly remembered something and turned to Lu Liangwei. “I was in the Palace this morning and noticed that His Majesty isn’t in a good mood. The officials in court were so frightened by him that they didn’t even dare breathe. The entire court session actually ended in silence.”

Lu Liangwei was slightly surprised. “Why is that?”

Lu Tingchen raised an eyebrow at her with a small smile on his face. “Good question. Why would His Majesty be in a bad mood? Didn’t he just get married? I’d like to know the reason too. Why don’t you explain this to me, Lil Sis?”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

‘His Majesty would not be so petty, would he?’ Lu Liangwei complained silently.

She pursed her lips when she caught the teasing look in her brother’s eyes. “I’d like to know the reason too. Why don’t you go ask His Majesty about it, Big Brother?”

Lu Tingchen rapped her on the head.

“You were the one who created this mess. You should be the one to cajole him.”

Lu Liangwei felt a little guilty.

How could she cajole him when His Majesty was angry?

When they reached Grand Duke Mansion, Lu Liangwei was quite relieved to see that Lu Hetian had woken up. Despite this, she still stepped forward to check his pulse. She found that his pulse had stabilized, and he had only suffered from blood loss. He was still quite pale and that immediately made her worried for him.

She held his hand and said, “Father, don’t you ever scare us like this again, alright?”

Lu Hetian tousled her hair. “Alright.”

Lu Liangwei finally stopped worrying, but at that moment, she heard him say with some regret in his voice, “How could Madam Zheng die just like that?”

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