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Chapter 602: 602

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Chapter 602: His Majesty Is Going To Get Snatched By Someone Else

After Lu Liangwei came out of Gentle Breeze Court, she went to chat with the Dowager Duchess for a while more before letting Lu Tingchen escort her back to the palace.

The imperial study.

Zhao Qian walked in, and observing Long Yang’s expression, reported cautiously, “Master, Her Highness has returned.”

Hearing this, Long Yang quickly chucked the brush in his hand and was about to stand up when he thought of something, then sat down again with some restraint.

He snorted to himself.

Since that girl stood him up, he should give her the silent treatment too. He could not let her get too full of herself, or else she would treat him with even less importance in the future.

After Zhao Qian had given his report, he continued to pay attention to his master’s actions.

He had clearly tossed the brush aside and was ready to stand up, but he suddenly sat back down, which puzzled Zhao Qian.

Moreover, his face had clouded over even more.

Zhao Qian was perplexed, but he decided not to provoke his master in such a state.

He retreated from the room silently.

After Lu Liangwei had returned to Grand Phoenix Palace, she washed up, changed into clean and comfortable clothes, and drank the medicine brought over by Zhu Yu.

Zhu Yu waited for her to finish drinking the medicine before checking her neck. Seeing that the rashes were still there, she was dismayed. “Miss, how come the rashes on your body haven’t gone away?”

Lu Liangwei was unbothered. “Rashes like these don’t go away so quickly.”

Chu Jiu peered at her expression, then suddenly said, “Last night, the Emperor slept in Grand Phoenix Palace.”

Zhu Yu hurriedly echoed, “Yes, the Emperor came over last night.” As she spoke, she was a little baffled. “It’s strange that His Majesty knew that Miss wasn’t in the palace but still came over.”

Lu Liangwei was surprised.

Long Yang actually slept in Grand Phoenix Palace last night?

“But when His Majesty left this morning, he didn’t look too pleased,” Chu Jiu continued.

Recalling the morning’s happenings, Zhu Yu immediately added, “That’s an understatement; Butler Zhao even got scolded. I wonder why His Majesty was so irritated early in the morning.”

“Butler Zhao got scolded?” Lu Liangwei was startled. “Why?”

Zhu Yu replied, “You weren’t around, and His Majesty wouldn’t let us go in. It was Butler Zhao who went in to wait on him. I think he found the washing water too hot, but I’m not too sure what exactly happened.”

Lu Liangwei was astonished. She did not recall Long Yang to be such a picky person.

Next to her, Chu Jiu reminded. “This morning, I saw the Prudence Consort going to the imperial study to bring His Majesty tonic soup. Since you’re back, Your Highness, you can bring His Majesty something too.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yu immediately became anxious. “The Prudence Consort must have gone to woo His Majesty on purpose because you weren’t around. You can’t let her take advantage of the opportunity. You should also make some food and bring it to His Majesty.”

Lu Liangwei said in amusement, “Why the worry? The Prudence Consort has been in the palace much longer than me. If His Majesty really had feelings for her, she’d not be where she is today.”

At the sight of her apparent unconcern and indifference, Zhu Yu grew even more distressed. “That’s true, but you shouldn’t underestimate the enemy, Miss. His Majesty used to be abstinent, but now…” She was a little embarrassed to continue, but she gritted her teeth and said, “Now that he’s had a taste of women, he might start to see the good in other women, too. If you keep on being this careless, Miss, you’re going to regret when His Majesty gets snatched by someone else.”

Lu Liangwei flushed and raised her hand to pinch her cheek. “If you keep spouting nonsense, I’ll…” She paused before saying, “I’ll marry you off to a random family so I won’t have to listen to your blabber.”

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