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Chapter 604: 604

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Chapter 604: As If Scorched By Fire

The slap threw the two junior eunuchs into a momentary daze. However, their blood ran cold when they saw the person standing in front of them, and they immediately fell to their knees.

“That was all hogwash, please cease your anger, Your Majesty!”

They then slammed their heads to the ground, not daring to raise them.

Zhao Qian was so furious that he wished he could castrate these two wretches a second time.

The mere thought of what the junior eunuchs had said just now made him feel like dying, and at this moment, he did not dare to even glance at his master’s face.

“Cut them up.” Long Yang’s expression was indifferent and devoid of any detectable trace of emotion, but the words he uttered terrified the living daylights out of the listeners.

The two junior eunuchs collapsed to the ground instantly, their faces drained of color.

After saying those three words, Long Yang turned and left.

Zhao Qian summoned two covert guards and ordered them to take the two junior eunuchs away for execution before following his master. However, he did not dare to get too close for fear that his master would turn on him and cut him up as well.

The Eastern Palace.

Long Chi was listening to Chen Qiyu playing the zither when Jiang Chong hurried in, leaned into Long Chi’s ear, and said something in a low voice.

Long Chi’s lips curved into a satisfied smile at his words. “Well done.”

Jiang Chong breathed a sigh of relief and straightened up.

Although Chen Qiyu was playing, she was also observing the interaction between the two.

However, she did not inquire impertinently and stayed focused on her playing.

Long Chi was thinking about what Jiang Chong had said to him.

He did not believe that his royal uncle would not feel resentful at all.

No matter how tolerant he was, he would never stand his young Empress having feelings for another man.

In this way, Royal Uncle would definitely loathe Lu Liangwei and distance himself from her from then on.

The thought brought a faint smile to his lips.

After Long Yang left the imperial garden, he returned straight to the imperial study.

“Summon the Ministers of Revenue and War right away.”

The moment Zhao Qian stepped into the study, he heard the Emperor’s solemn and intimidating voice.

He froze and heeded his command immediately. “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Soon, the two ministers entered the palace.

A short while later, they hurried out of the study again.

Not long after, the entire court came to know about the Emperor’s plan to wage war on Danjue.

For a while, the court was shaken by the news, puzzled by the sudden decision on the long unresolved Danjue issue.

Moreover, it was the Emperor himself who had given the order without discussing it with the court officials.

Despite the officials’ protests, the Ministries of Revenue and War had already commenced preparations for battle.

Long Yang issued another decree in the imperial study, commanding the Grand Duke to lead his troops to the frontier and attack Danjue three days later.

Zhao Qian gripped the imperial edict in his hands, feeling as if they were scorched by fire.

Was Master’s sudden burst of vigor and resolve in his decision triggered by those two junior eunuchs?

How terrifying Master was, and how unfortunate Danjue was going to be!

However, wasn’t Master sending the Grand Duke to lead the attack at the frontier a bit too hasty?

If the Empress knew about it, would she get upset?

Zhao Qian felt that this errand would not be an easy one.

However, despite his reluctance, he could only head swiftly to the Grand Duke Mansion.

He did not dare to make the Dowager Duchess and Grand Duke come out and receive the edict. Once he arrived at the Grand Duke Mansion, he went straight to Lu Hetian’s Gentle Breeze Court.

He did not even read the imperial edict aloud. Instead, he handed it directly to Lu Hetian before scampering off.

Lu Hetian unraveled the imperial edict curiously, and after reading the contents, he could not help letting out a sigh.

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