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Chapter 606: 606

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Chapter 606: Can’t Bear It

Both father and son, Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen, fell silent when they heard this.

In their hearts, their family was their biggest concern.

The Dowager Duchess continued, “Go ahead and do what you desire, don’t worry about us. In the same way that you care about us, Weiwei and I similarly hope that you can showcase your capabilities in the world you love. Since the battlefield is your world, then all the more reason you should go. Don’t allow any regrets—neither Weiwei nor I can bear it.”

When he heard this, Lu Tingchen glanced at Lu Hetian.

Lu Hetian sighed and nodded at him.

Lu Tingchen then stepped forward and knelt before the Dowager Duchess. “Thank you, Grandmother, I understand. I’ll go to the Palace and ask for the Emperor’s permission this instant.”

The Dowager Duchess rose and helped him up, her heart was filled with contentment at the sight of her grandson, who had grown to be much taller than her. In the past, Tingchen had always wanted to join Shenzhi’s charge into battle but did not do so for her and Weiwei’s sake. Now that he has grown up, he would definitely regret it if he hesitated to pursue his ambitions because of her and Weiwei.

With Tingchen’s personality, he would not blame her and Weiwei. However, they themselves would still feel uneasy if he were to give up his ambitions for their sake.

She patted her grandson’s arm. “Go ahead and do whatever you want. Weiwei and I will always be rooting for you.”

Lu Tingchen nodded gravely. “I understand. In that case, I’ll leave for the Palace this instant.”

After he left, the Dowager Duchess looked at Lu Hetian. “I know you’re concerned about Lihua, but the discord between the both of you won’t soon mend. Don’t dwell on it too much. After you leave, I’ll think of a way to make her stay. Seeing as I’ve treated her well as her mother-in-law, she definitely won’t refuse me. She might even be ready to let the past go when you return in victory. After all, Madam Zheng’s death has dissipated most of the resentment in her heart.”

Lu Hetian was slightly moved to hear this. “Thank you for worrying about me, Mother.”

The Dowager Duchess waved her hand. “Don’t be silly. I’m also very fond of Lihua as my daughter-in-law. Back then, I also detested you for foolishly hooking up with that Madam Zheng. Even if Lihua weren’t disgusted, I’d still be ashamed of you, for messing around with that tramp.”

She could still not let this matter go. Lihua was such a wonderful daughter-in-law and a perfect match for Shenzhi too. Their marriage was blissful until that ungrateful vixen, Madam Zheng, broke them up.

Her heart still harbored regret.

Now that Lihua had finally come back, she would not let her go, come what may.

Lu Tien felt even more ashamed at her reproach, and the guilt within his heart towards Lihua swelled.

After a pause, he could not help but ask, “Weiwei said that there was something strange about Madam Zheng suddenly returning with Shuang’er back then. What do you think, Mother?”

The Dowager Duchess sighed and shot him a glance. “You should ask yourself that. Did you touch Madam Zheng or not?”

Lu Hetian’s handsome face blushed at his mother’s blunt question and said, “Didn’t you ask the same question back then?”

The Dowager Duchess snorted coldly, aggrieved at her son’s disappointing behavior as she recalled that incident.

At the time, Madam Zheng had suddenly shown up with a child and knelt before Lihua, begging her to adopt the child. She even told her, with utmost certainty, the time and place of her rendezvous with Shenzhi, and pleaded with Lihua to set things right for her.

When she and Shenzhi learned of the news and rushed over, Lihua had already spurted a mouthful of blood and passed out.

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