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Chapter 608: 608

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Chapter 608: She’ll Think That I’m Mistreating You

Which woman could bear to see her man’s underwear in the hands of another woman?

Who would be able to stop themselves from overthinking?

Now that Madam Zheng was dead, it meant that there was no evidence as to what had transpired. What happened between Shenzhi and Madam Zheng grew even more muddled.

Even if nothing had happened between Shenzhi and Madam Zheng, he could no longer confront Madam Zheng, and his one-sided explanation itself was not convincing.

Besides, Shuang’er was still in the picture.

Unless Madam Zheng could come back from the dead and admitted that she had plotted everything and that their relationship was an innocent one, it was near impossible to convince Lihua that nothing had happened between Shenzhi and Madam Zheng.

Short of this, even if Shenzhi wore his mouth out from explaining, the grudge would forever persist in Lihua’s heart.

“Since you’re leading troops into battle in three days, you should first set this matter aside and focus on recuperating. Don’t worry about Lihua, I’ll take care of everything,” the Dowager Duchess said solemnly.

Lu Hetian was a little downcast, but he could only accept the situation and nod. “I understand.”

The Dowager Duchess sighed and left, holding on to Aunt Lan’s hand.

The Palace.

When Lu Tingchen arrived at the Palace, he headed straight to the imperial study to see Long Yang.

Long Yang was marking Palace Memorials.

He was not surprised to learn of the purpose of Lu Tingchen’s visit, and asked without raising his head, “Have you really decided?”

“Yes, I’ve decided. I hope that you can grant me permission, Your Majesty,” Lu Tingchen said with determination.

“Does Weiwei know?” Long Yang asked quietly.

Lu Tingchen paused before answering, “I plan to inform Her Highness later.”

Long Yang nodded without any further questions and merely said, “Request granted.”

Lu Tingchen immediately knelt and thanked him, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Long Yang raised his hand slightly. “Rise.” After a pause, he said, “Will you be going to Weiwei’s place now?”

Lu Tingchen stood up upon hearing this and nodded. “Since Your Majesty has permitted to accompany my father into battle, I’m afraid that I’ll be busier after this and won’t have the time to say my goodbyes to Weiwei .” A thought came to him, and he mustered the courage to speak boldly, “My father has doted on Weiwei’s since she young, and she can get hot-tempered most of the time. I beg you to tolerate her if she offends you, Your Majesty.”

Hearing this, Long Yang glanced at him. At the sight of his serious face, he knew that he genuinely cared for his younger sister Weiwei. The bitterness in his heart dissipated all of a sudden.

As Weiwei had said, he was much older than her, but why was he getting cross with her like a child today?

That girl probably had no clue that he was sulking here alone.

Why should he bother?

He smiled ruefully at the thought. That girl was capable of making him angry but he was unable to lose his temper at her.

He had simply given himself a hard time during half of his day in the imperial study.

Thinking of this, he nodded. “You and Father-in-Law can leave for the frontier without worry. I’ll take care of Weiwei and won’t allow her to be mistreated. I’ll also send someone to take care of the Dowager Duchess.”

Lu Tingchen was filled with gratitude and moved to kneel. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang had already walked over and helped him up. “You’re my brother-in-law, don’t simply kneel before me. If Weiwei sees this, she’ll think that I’m mistreating you.”

Lu Tingchen rubbed his nose and had no choice but to give up.

After leaving the study, they made their way to the Grand Phoenix Palace together.

Lu Liangwei had had a restful sleep and was completely unaware of all that had occurred while she was sleeping.

When Long Yang came over, he did not allow Zhao Qian to inform her in advance.

He and Lu Tingchen stepped into the Grand Phoenix Palace only to see a drowsy Lu Liangwei, who had just risen from her bed.

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