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Chapter 609: 609

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Chapter 609: She Had No Idea Of The Desire She Evoked Within Him

Lu Liangwei was astonished when she saw both of them enter. The shock cleared up her head immediately as she said in surprise, “Why are you two here together?”

Long Yang gave a low sigh. It was just as he had thought. He had been sulking in the imperial study all day, but this girl did not even know that he was mad. She had even enjoyed a good sleep despite it all.

His gaze fell onto her pink, petite face and lingered there. It looked like this girl had been sleeping comfortably, and he suddenly realized he had tortured himself for nothing.

Lu Tingchen noticed a dark cloud appearing on Long Yang’s face and guessed that he was unhappy with Lu Liangwei’s attitude.

Lu Tingchen silently berated his younger sister for not acting appropriately, but at the same time, he felt anxious on her behalf.

No matter how much His Majesty pampered her, she should not be taking it for granted. She was not even bothering to curtsy when she saw His Majesty.

Worried that His Majesty would punish her for this, Lu Tingchen quickly reprimanded her, “Weiwei, stop acting so brazenly!”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback. It was only when she noticed that her older brother was suppressing his anger that she finally realized what this was about. She stood up and put on a perfect show of bowing properly. “Your loyal wife greets His Majesty. I was not aware that you would be gracing me with your presence and was unable to prepare you a proper welcome. I beg your forgiveness for this, Your Majesty!”

There was nothing Long Yang could do about this. He could not bear to see her bowing and curtsying at him.

This girl hated these formal bowings the most, even when it came to Long Yang.

“Please rise, Weiwei.”

He strode forward to help her up.

Lu Liangwei stuck out her tongue at him from an angle that could not be seen by Lu Tingchen.

A deep look appeared in Long Yang’s eyes. If not for his extreme self-restraint, he would have had her pinned underneath him on the bed already.

This girl had no idea of the desire she evoked within him.

Lu Liangwei was truly unaware of what her actions had caused. She straightened up and busied herself as she turned to Zhu Yu to say, “Zhu Yu, quickly serve some tea to His Majesty and Heir Presumptive Lu.”

“Yes, Miss.” Zhu Yu quietly peered at Lu Tingchen before immediately retreating.

Lu Liangwei looked at Lu Tingchen and asked quietly, “Is anything the matter for you to come to the Palace today, big brother?”

The veins on Lu Tingchen’s forehead throbbed. He was not used to her referring to him this way at all.

He gave a gentle cough. “In reply to Your Highness’s question, I’m actually here to bid you goodbye.”

“Goodbye?” Lu Liangwei was shocked. Something crossed her mind and she immediately sat down again properly.

She said in a soft voice, “Where could you be going? Everything seems to be alright with you, big brother.”

Lu Tingchen’s lips twitched even more when he noted the formal tone she took in addressing him. This girl must be doing this on purpose in retaliation to the way he had reprimanded her just now.

“I’ll be heading to the frontier with Father in three days, which is why I’m here to bid you goodbye,” Lu Tingchen sighed deeply. His tone had turned softer as well.

Lu Liangwei immediately forgot herself as she stood up abruptly when she heard this. “What? You and Father are headed to the frontier?”

Lu Tingchen looked at Long Yang and explained, “His Majesty has decreed for us to set out in conquest for Danjue. Father is commander-in-chief for this conquest, while His Majesty has appointed me as the vanguard.”

Lu Liangwei gave Long Yang a look of astonishment. “Your Majesty, is this true?”

Long Yang nodded. “Yes.”

It was only a matter of time before Great Shang would head into war with Danjue. He had been busy preparing for his wedding previously, which was why Long Yang had delayed the plan. He did not want to go into battle this early because he was worried Weiwei might not bear for Lu Hetian to leave, but now…

Part of the reason was Long Yang venting his anger somewhat. However, there was indeed a plan he had constructed earlier on that had involved appointing Lu Hetian as the commander-in-chief for the Danjue conquest. It was only because he had been worried about Weiwei being unable to bear Lu Hetian leaving that he had delayed the decree.

Lu Liangwei frowned when she heard this. She was quite surprised at this sudden news and was wrecked with worry at the same time.

Even though her father and older brother were well-versed in martial arts, there was no guarantee they would be able to defend themselves completely from the mindless swinging of swords and sabers on the battlefield.

However, it was also best that she did not get involved since Long Yang had made the decision.

Moreover, she was aware of her father’s capabilities. He was a talent that should be put to good use on the battlefield. At the same time, he was a man who shouldered the responsibility of guarding the land of Great Shang.

She suppressed the worry in her heart. She approached Lu Tingchen and held his hand. She stayed silent for a moment before lifting her head to look at him. “I know you’ve always wanted to go into the battlefield with honor. This is a good opportunity for you. I will take good care of Grandmother. You and Father do not need to worry at all.”

Lu Tingchen was touched and grabbed her hand as well when he heard this. He had never thought his sister would understand him so well. If she had revealed any sign of sadness or unwillingness to let him go, he would constantly worry about her after he has left for the frontier, which might cause him to lose focus on the battlefield.

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