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Chapter 612: 612

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Chapter 612: Even If She Harbored Such Thoughts, She Would Never Allow Herself To Act Upon Them

Zhu Yu lifted her head immediately at the mention of Lu Tingchen. She looked at Lu Liangwei imploringly and nodded, her voice filled with anxiety as she said, “I heard Butler Zhao mention that Heir Presumptive Lu has been given the decree to head to the frontier for battle. His Majesty has even appointed him as the vanguard.”

Lu Liangwei was quietly shocked when saw how worried and agitated Zhu Yu looked.

She suddenly realized that Zhu Yu’s concern for her big brother previously was not simple admiration. Zhu Yu’s feelings for him must be deeper than that.

“It’s true.” Lu Liangwei nodded lightly.

Zhu Yu said fretfully when she heard this, “Isn’t that dangerous? I heard that the battlefield is a cruel place. Swords are swung around haphazardly without care for whom it strikes, I…”

Lu Liangwei sighed. “Zhu Yu, you like my big brother a lot, don’t you?”

Zhu Yu was stupefied when she suddenly heard this question being asked. She gave a start and quickly shook her head to deny it, but she was so nervous that she had no idea what to do. “I was just a little worried about the Heir Presumptive. It’s not what you think… I have always respected him, and I know my place. I would never dare to have such thoughts.”

When Lu Liangwei heard her words, she sighed gently and held Zhu Yu’s hands. “Zhu Yu, status has nothing to do with liking someone. It is more about the willingness to be with each other. It is never easy for two people to be together, and there is nothing wrong with you liking someone as long as you aren’t a hindrance to others. Do you understand?”

Lu Liangwei came from the modern era and did not feel as strongly as people from the olden age when it came to status and titles. However, she had to admit that two people who came from vastly different backgrounds would find it difficult to stay together. If they were forced together, it would be difficult for them to achieve happiness after marriage.

That was because there were times when marriage was not something that involved only two people but had a wider implication.

Zhu Yu nodded blankly. “I understand. I only have respect for the Heir Presumptive. I would never dare have any other thoughts further than that. Please believe me, Miss.”

Lu Liangwei sighed silently.

Zhu Yu might act carelessly at times, but she was actually quite a sensitive person who gave careful consideration to situations. Even if she did fancy Lu Liangwei’s big brother, she would never admit to it.

Moreover, Zhu Yu was acutely aware of her status. Even if she harbored such thoughts, she would never allow herself to act upon them.

Lu Liangwei did not know what else to say because she knew that her big brother did not think of Zhu Yu that way. He treated Zhu Yu like a younger sister at most.

However, Zhu Yu had been with Lu Liangwei quite a long time, serving her loyally and dutifully all this time. Lu Liangwei did not want to inject any sadness into Zhu Yu’s life.

“Zhu Yu, even though big brother is leaving to a dangerous place, but with the capabilities he possesses, he will be safe. There is no need for you to be worried.”

Zhu Yu silently nodded when she heard this. She revealed her usual smile. “I’m not worried. Heir Presumptive Lu is a person of great character and nobility. He has exceptional capabilities as well, so he will definitely return safe and sound. I will burn incense on his behalf and pray for his well-being every day.”

“What a silly girl you are!” Lu Liangwei rubbed Zhu Yu’s head.

Zhu Yu lowered her head in slight embarrassment. “Miss, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.”

“Alright, go ahead.” Lu Liangwei nodded.

It was not because Lu Liangwei looked down on Zhu Yu’s status that she said those things. If her big brother had liked Zhu Yu in return, Lu Liangwei would have been more than willing to pair them up. She believed that her father and grandmother would have accepted Zhu Yu.

Unfortunately, her big brother only viewed Zhu Yu as a younger sister.

No matter how much Lu Liangwei loved Zhu Yu, she could not help Zhu Yu in any way. All Lu Liangwei hoped was that her words would comfort Zhu Yu.

Zhu Yu exited the bedroom and her expression drooped abruptly. She bumped into Chu Jiu, but was not in the mood to greet her.

When Chu Jiu saw her walk past with bloodshot eyes without saying a word, Chu Jiu was taken aback.

Since the first day Chu Jiu knew her, this girl rarely cried to this extent. Could she have been reprimanded by the Empress?

However, Chu Jiu had never seen Empress reprimand Zhu Yu even once. Even when Zhu Yu had been careless enough to throw flower petals into the Empress’ bathwater with bugs still on them and scared the Empress out of her mind, she did not punish Zhu Yu, but had only berated her slightly.

If it was not the Empress who made her cry, who did?

Chu Jiu gave this some thought and turned to chase after Zhu Yu.

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