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Chapter 619: 619

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Chapter 619: Lying In The Emperor’s Bed

Lu Liangwei did not wake up even when she was in the Emperor’s bed.

Long Yang removed her shoes and pulled the covers over her. After gazing at her for a moment, he got up and went out.

When Lu Liangwei awoke from her slumber, it was already dark outside.

In a daze, she caught a whiff of Long Yang’s unique fresh scent on the pillows — only then did she realize that she was lying in the Emperor’s bed.

She sat up in a hurry.

She drew the covers around her in bewilderment, not knowing why she was on Long Yang’s bed.

She got out of bed and walked outside, but Long Yang was nowhere in sight. After asking the servants standing on guard at the doors, she learned that Long Yang had gone to the imperial study again.

Remembering her father and brother’s expedition tomorrow, she knew that Long Yang probably had a lot of plans to make, so she did not bother him and went straight back to Grand Phoenix Palace instead.

Once she returned to Grand Phoenix Palace, she ordered Zhu Yu to prepare some ingredients. She then cooked a few dishes herself and asked Chu Jiu to bring them to the imperial study.

The imperial study.

Long Yang was indeed occupied. He had summoned several court officials and was discussing some plans with them.

Just then, Zhao Qian came in with a food basket.

“Master, it’s dinnertime. Why don’t you have your meal first?”

Long Yang ignored him and continued his discussion with the court officials.

“Master, the Empress made these dishes herself and asked Jiu to bring them over. Why don’t you try them?”

At Zhao Qian’s words, Long Yang finally stopped and shifted his gaze to the food basket in his hands.

Zhao Qian understood his unspoken intentions, and he thought to himself, ‘As expected, mentioning the Empress always works.’

He immediately took out the dishes from the food basket.

In an instant, the whole room was filled with the rich aroma of food.

The court officials’ mouths were watering.

The Empress actually knew how to cook?

They were astonished.

“You lot must be hungry too. Go and have your meals and come back later,” the Emperor spoke at this moment.

“Yes, Your Majesty. We will take our leave now.” Suppressing their hunger, the court officials bowed to him reverently and exited the room.

After they left, Long Yang got up and walked to the table where the dishes were placed.

“Huh, what’s this?” After Zhao Qian finished setting up the table, he spotted a note in the basket and picked it up in surprise.

However, before he could read the contents, Long Yang had already seized it from his hand.

Your Majesty, no matter how busy you are, always remember to eat your meals and rest early.


As Long Yang read the elegant writing on the paper, his heart was filled with utmost delight, and even the fatigue in his body had disappeared altogether.

He sat down at the table, picked up the chopsticks, and began to eat gracefully.

Zhao Qian was utterly relieved to see this.

It was all thanks to the Empress.

Otherwise, nobody could persuade his master when he got busy.

Thinking, he sneaked a glance at his master. It seemed that Master would not have time to visit the Empress tonight, but he could still drink the tonic soup.

He then filled a bowl with soup and placed it respectfully by Long Yang’s hands, saying eagerly, “Master, this soup was made by the Empress. You should drink it while it’s hot.”

Hearing this, Long Yang picked the bowl up and took a sip.

He found the taste rather enjoyable in his mouth, and he took a few more sips.

“What soup is this?” Hearing that it was Weiwei herself who made the soup, he asked with interest.

Zhao Qian was secretly gleeful to see him finish the entire bowl, and the words slipped from his mouth without much thought, “The imperial kitchen spent the whole afternoon making the soup; it’s called…” There was an abrupt pause. Realizing in horror what he had said, Zhao Qian broke out in a cold sweat and stammered, “It’s peen, us, soup, I…I think that’s what it’s called.”

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