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Chapter 622: 622

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Chapter 622: So What If I’m Groping You, What’re You Going To Do About It

“Fate is sort of an opportunity. If there’s an opportunity for them to resolve their conflict, then they can make up,” replied the old beggar.

Youyou nodded, not fully understanding.

“They’re coming down. Don’t let Madam Lin see us,” warned the old beggar.

Youyou glanced outside. Sure enough, he saw Auntie Lin helping the Grand Duke toward a vacant house nearby.

After the two of them had walked past where they were, the old beggar patted Youyou on the shoulder. “Come on, let’s go to sleep.”

Youyou nodded and shot one last look outside before yawning and heading off to bed with the old beggar.

Meanwhile, Ling Lihua finally managed to help Lu Hetian into the house. However, Lu Hetian was unwilling to cooperate, and he started stumbling back outside, holding onto her shoulders.

“Lihua, let’s go and drink. This time, I swear I won’t get drunk so easily…”

Ling Lihua was close to her breaking point.

Did he not know how heavy he was? Yet, he would not stop being a nuisance—she really wanted nothing but to toss this jerk outside!

In a fit of anger, she pinched him hard on the waist.

Lu Hetian yelped in pain, then stared at her blankly. “Lihua, you’re groping me again.”

Ling Lihua sneered. “So what if I’m groping you? What’re you going to do about it?” Letting go of his arm, she aimed a kick at his buttocks. “You’d better do as I say and get in bed. If you keep being a nuisance, I’ll mince you and feed you to the dogs.”

Lu Hetian was already as drunk as a lord, and the unexpected kick sent him toppling onto the bed face down.

With a thump, he collapsed onto the bed, no longer moving.

Ling Lihua finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw this. Stepping forward, she pulled the covers and threw them over him carelessly. Before leaving, she slapped him hard on his covered back.

“If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of your subordinates, you’d better go to sleep. You still have to lead a whole army tomorrow.”

With that, she walked out of the house.

As she closed the doors, she saw Lu Hetian still lying there motionlessly and hesitated for a moment.

Was this old guy really that hopeless?

Although her kick was not exactly light, she had controlled her strength and should not have injured him.

She mulled over this as she shut the doors.

After standing outside for a while, she still did not hear any movement inside. Unable to ease her worry, she eventually pushed open the doors and walked back in.

“Lu Hetian, quit the act. You can’t trick me. If I were you, I’d go to sleep as soon as I can. Otherwise, if you appear all drunk in front of your soldiers tomorrow, you’re only going to damage your reputation.”

Lu Hetian remained still.

Alarmed, Ling Lihua could not help wondering if she had used too much force in her kick just now.

She walked up to him, shifted the covers aside, and patted Lu Hetian’s face. “Hey, quit the…”

Before she could utter the word “act”, she was pulled into the bed.


The back of Ling Lihua’s head slammed into the bed with enough force to send her head swimming.

“B*stard!” She cursed and geared up to throw a punch at Lu Hetian, but before she could move, she was pinned down and rendered immobile.

The sudden pressure squeezed the air out of her chest, almost making her breathless.

Pulling herself together, she raised her palm in shock and fury, ready to strike at the nape of Lu Hetian’s neck. Just then, she felt a warm sensation on her own neck, as if some warm liquid had dripped onto it.

Ling Lihua froze, her raised palm dropping back down.

It took a long moment for her to process the situation.

Looking at the man who had buried his face into her neck, she felt a wave of conflicted and inexplicable emotions.

“Lihua, promise me that you’ll never leave me again… I don’t want to wait another ten years… I’m already old… Neither of us can afford to lose time anymore…”

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