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Chapter 624: 624

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Chapter 624: Long Yang’s Handsome Face Turned Grim

Long Yang’s brows furrowed. He strode forward and helped her up.

“It’s still quite early. Why don’t you sleep a little longer?”

Lu Liangwei stood up with his help. She shook her head and replied, “Father and Big Brother are leading the soldiers into conquest today. I’d like to see them off.”

She paused. “Your Majesty, you’re leaving to the city gates to give support and encouragement to the soldiers and generals, aren’t you? Can you bring me along?”

Long Yang said nothing. His thin lips pursed tight while he took out a handkerchief to gently wipe off the dewdrops on her head.

Lu Liangwei lifted her petite face to look at him. When she saw him staying silent and his handsome face turned grim, she pursed her lips—he looked a little intimidating. She stopped talking as well.

Zhao Qian had been thoughtful enough to bring an umbrella with him as he held it over the Emperor and Empress.

It was still quite early and there was quite a lot of dew in the air. It was not only the Emperor and Empress, but everyone else’s clothes were wet as well.

However, no one dared to leave if the Emperor was still present.

Each of them looked at the other and observed the situation with their hearts chilled with fright.

The way His Majesty was treating the Empress was quite astonishing.

They had served the Emperor for many years, and no one had ever seen him treating anyone with such a warm look on his face.

Even though the Emperor did not look anywhere near gentle nor warm, his actions were clearly filled with tenderness and adoration.

They had never expected His Majesty to treat Lu Liangwei with so much love!

As the officials were thinking about this, they could not help but turn toward the direction of the Crown Prince.

Lu Liangwei had been a laughing stock before when she sought death because of the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince was not even willing to give her a second look back then.

Now, however, Lu Liangwei was beheld in adoration. What would the Crown Prince think when he saw this?

A woman he did not want had become his aunt. This was quite an embarrassing situation that was difficult to overcome.

Long Chi darted a look at the Emperor and Empress right in front of him. He clenched his fists tight underneath his sleeves.

What was Jiang Chong doing?

Did he not make arrangements that day for His Majesty to overhear those gossip?

His Royal Uncle had indeed been staying in the Hidden Dragon Palace or the imperial study for the last few days. However, his Royal Uncle was openly treating Lu Liangwei with so much tenderness and love right now. It did not seem like the gossip about her had bothered him at all.

Could it be that even after his Royal Uncle had heard the gossiping, it did not disturb him that Lu Liangwei might still harbor feelings for Long Chi?

Long Chi could not understand this.

From his point of view, no man could take it once they discover their woman was having feelings for another man.

However, the way his Royal Uncle was acting clearly showed that he was not distancing himself from Lu Liangwei.

However, his Royal Uncle has always been a meticulous man whom no one was able to predict. He would never betray his thoughts easily.

That was why Long Chi was a little uncertain when he saw his Royal Uncle acting this way.

A dark look appeared deep in Long Chi’s eyes as he watched the Emperor and Empress in front of him. He gave a seemingly respectful reminder, “Royal Uncle, it’s getting late. We should leave now.”

Long Yang ignored his words as he remained preoccupied with wiping Lu Liangwei’s hair, which was wet from the dew.

When Lu Liangwei saw this, she tugged on his sleeve and lowered her voice to remind him, “Your Majesty, everyone is watching us.”

Long Yang paused in his movement and darted a look at her.

When he noticed her looking uncomfortable, his expression darkened.

Did this girl care that much about what Long Chi thought?

His expression turned impassive and he lowered his hands. He sounded distant as he said, “Let’s go.”

With that, he strode forward.

Lu Liangwei was taken aback. She sensed that His Majesty was unhappy.

However, what was he being unhappy about? Had she done anything to anger him?

She frowned.

She felt quite puzzled as she watched the man walk further and further away.

However, she still needed to rush out of the Palace to say goodbye to her father and big brother. It was not the time to think about this. So, she quickly ran after him.

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