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Chapter 629: 629

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Chapter 629: He Must Have Been The One To Upset Her First

She had heard that the rod used by the army was different from normal rods. One beating from an army rod was enough for someone’s flesh to burst open.

Lu Tingchen had to hurry on his journey. What would happen to her big brother?

Long Yang grabbed her hand and consoled her. “Don’t worry, your big brother will be fine.”

There was nothing Lu Liangwei would do. Things had already escalated to this point, and nothing else could be done.

Father doted on her a lot, but when it came to her big brother, he had never shown much mercy.

Moreover, her big brother had just fallen off the horse in front of so many soldiers. It was truly a disgrace to army etiquette. Judging by how her father trained his troops, there was no way he would have allowed her big brother to get away with it.

“I know.” She nodded, secretly glad that she had passed the medicines for wounds to her big brother.

Even though those medicines would not be able to magically treat wounds immediately, they were still more effective than normal medicines.

Chu Jiu walked over toward Lu Liangwei. She had also just witnessed Lu Tingchen being sentenced to punishment and could not help feeling a little uneasy over it.

She knew very well how close the Empress and Lu Tingchen were.

The Empress must be very upset with her for causing Lu Tingchen to be punished.

Chu Jiu had acted too rashly just now. She had taken the opportunity to exact her ‘revenge’, but had forgotten that she was in front of all the other soldiers.

Lu Tingchen had fallen off the horse in public and the Grand Duke had no choice but to punish him.

She did not feel guilty at all about Lu Tingchen being punished, but she did feel a little guilty when facing Lu Liangwei.

It was because the Empress would be worried if Lu Tingchen was punished.

She was thinking about this as she walked over to Lu Liangwei and kneeled. “Your Highness, I’ve caused the Heir Presumptive Lu to be punished. Please sentence me with a punishment for this.”

Lu Liangwei turned when she heard Chu Jiu’s voice. She frowned at the sight of Chu Jiu kneeling on the ground. She bent down, wanting to help Chu Jiu up. “Jiu, what are you doing? Get up right now.”

“I caused Heir Presumptive Lu to be punished. I deserve to be punished for this as well,” Chu Jiu shook her head as she answered determinedly.

Lu Liangwei placed her palm on her forehead. “I’m not blaming you for this at all. What is there to punish you for? Besides, you must have done what you did because my big brother must have said something to aggravate you. There’s no need for you to take this to heart.”

Although she was worried for her big brother, it did not mean that she was unreasonable.

Her big brother had always been picking on Chu Jiu, criticizing her any way he could. Even though Lu Liangwei was unable to see clearly what had transpired between the two of them outside the city gates because of the distance, she was quite aware of her big brother’s antics.

He must have been the one who upset Jiu first. Otherwise, Jiu would not have acted in such an unreasonable way.

Lu Liangwei had not thought this through. She knew that her big brother and Jiu did not get along, yet she had sent Jiu to deliver the medicines. At the end of the day, she, Lu Liangwei, was the one at fault.

Chu Jiu had not expected that Lu Liangwei did not blame her at all, and was slightly astonished.

Lu Liangwei was a little frustrated when she saw the expression on Chu Jiu’s face. “If you don’t get up now, I’ll punish you to kneel here until my big brother returns.”

When Zhao Qian saw this, he quickly came forward to reprimand Chu Jiu. “Jiu, Her Highness is being magnanimous and she’s not blaming you for what had happened. Don’t be unappreciative. Otherwise, Her Highness would be disappointed.”

Chu Jiu had no choice but to stand up, but she felt even guiltier than before, and had no idea what to say as she stared at Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei knew what was in Chu Jiu’s mind and consoled her, “Stop thinking so much about this. My big brother has rough and thick skin. It’s only ten beatings of the army rod. He can take it pretty well. Besides, didn’t you just deliver my medicines to him? He will be fine.”

Chu Jiu was so exasperated she did not know whether to laugh or cry over this situation. She had wanted to console Lu Liangwei about this, but had ended up being consoled instead.

Moreover, Chu Jiu was not worried about Lu Tingchen at all. What did Lu Tingchen have anything to do with her anyway?

If not for him always being so mean with his words, she would not have picked fights with him so often.

He deserved to be punished.

The entire troop finally left for Danjue about noontime.

Outside the city gates, peace and quiet returned after the troops had left.

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