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Chapter 637: 637

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Chapter 637: Spent Every Night With Lu Liangwei In The Same Bed

Hearing this, Long Chi fell into a rare silence.

He mulled over all the events that had occurred up until now.

From Lu Liangwei’s transformation to Royal Uncle’s sudden decision to marry her…

Everything seemed to be thick with suspicion.

Also, there was that purity cloth that Royal Uncle had presented that day.

If Royal Uncle had not faked it, could the virgin blood on the purity cloth be real?

The thought filled his heart with horror.

All this time, he firmly believed that no one could cure his Royal Uncle of the Frostbite because the only one who could do it was Madam Ling, who had died more than years ago.

However, if Madam Ling was not dead, then Royal Uncle might have already been cured.

He then recalled what his royal uncle had said at the palace gates today.

He immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

So Royal Uncle was not just giving him an empty warning but was really thinking of deposing him as Crown Prince?

Narrowing his eyes, he said to Empress Dowager Xiaojing, “When did you find out that Madam Ling was still alive, Grandmother?”

“Just a few days ago.” Seeing his expression, Xiaojing also felt a sense of foreboding.

Long Chi smiled ruefully. “Grandmother, Royal Uncle might have already been cured of the poison.”

No wonder Royal Uncle suddenly wanted to marry Lu Liangwei, and Lu Liangwei was also willing to become Empress.

It was all thanks to Madam Ling.

Madam Ling must have agreed to cure Royal Uncle on the condition that he married Lu Liangwei.

Royal Uncle had probably already been cured when he decided to marry Lu Liangwei.

Meanwhile, Long Chi’s group was still in the dark, thinking that nobody could cure him.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing quickly figured out what she had overlooked all this time.

She gripped the Buddhist prayer beads in her hands, her usually kind face frighteningly twisted. “Cured, you say? If I can poison him once, then I can poison him again.”

“Do you have a plan, Grandmother?” Long Chi was relieved to hear this.

Although Grandmother was already old, she used to be a remarkably artful woman in her younger days. Otherwise, she would not have stood out from all those women in the harem and stayed on the throne as Empress for so many years. In the end, she was even capable enough to make Royal Uncle grant her the title of Empress Dowager.

With Grandmother around, he had nothing to worry about.

“The Emperor will only depose the Crown Prince if he has his own son. If Lu Liangwei can’t get pregnant, even if the Emperor wants to depose you, who else can he crown without an heir?” Xiaojing said calmly, having already thought everything out.

Long Chi’s chest tightened at her words.

If Royal Uncle had really been cured, would that not mean that he was spending every night with Lu Liangwei in the same bed, doing all the intimate things a couple would do?

The mere thought of it made him dreadfully bitter.

Before, he was not so worried as he thought that his royal uncle was impotent, but now that he may have already been cured…

“What’s wrong, Your Highness? Are you unwell?”

Matron Chen, who was nearest to him, suddenly asked worriedly.

Hearing this, Empress Dowager Xiaojing looked at Long Chi. Sure enough, she saw the peculiar expression on his face and hurriedly said in concern, “Don’t worry too much, Chi’er. I’ll take care of everything for you, and you only need to take care of your health. It’s best if you can make your concubines conceive an heir as soon as possible. Your position can only become more stable with an heir and then the Emperor can’t depose you so easily in the future even if he wants to. By the way, Shuang’er is still your principal wife, after all. You need to think of a way to have her conceive a child as soon as possible.”

Empress Dowager Xiaojing emphasized her final reminder.

Long Chi recovered from his daze. “I understand.”

Xiaojing nodded. “Good. As for the Emperor, you don’t have to be too anxious about him. Just pretend that you don’t know anything, and don’t give yourself away. That royal uncle of yours is difficult to read—I still can’t see through him after all these years.”

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