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Chapter 638: 638

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Chapter 638: Not Turned On At All

After leaving Tranquility Palace, Long Chi ran into Lu Yunshuang when he arrived back at the Eastern Palace.

Lu Yunshuang hurried up to him, and seeing his brooding expression, she asked in concern, “Your Highness, are you unwell?”

Long Chi cast her a glance, impatience crossing his face. “I’m fine.” He was about to walk off when he remembered his grandmother’s words. He then turned back and swept her off her feet, much to Lu Yunshuang’s delighted surprise.

Thrilled, Lu Yunshuang snuggled inside his arms.

Some time later, Long Chi stormed out of Lu Yunshuang’s room, his face livid.

A disheveled Lu Yunshuang got up from the bed sullenly.

She could not believe that Long Chi was not turned on by her at all.

Was he no longer interested in her?

Recalling the scene just now, she clenched her fists.

It was all thanks to that witch Chen Qiyu influencing the Crown Prince.

Otherwise, there was no way the Crown Prince would not desire her!

“Hong Xiu—” she hollered.

Hong Xiu, who was standing guard at the door, hurried in.

At the sight of the Crown Princess on the bed, her heart thumped, and she quickly lowered her head.

The Crown Prince left not long after he entered the room—it was clear that they did not finish what they had been doing.

Moreover, seeing the Crown Princess’s current state, she had a vague guess in her mind of what happened.

“Your Highness,” she said respectfully, her head bowed.

Lu Yunshuang’s face was grim as she ordered, “Find a way to rescue Chen Xuping.”

Hong Xiu was startled. “But Chen Xuping is already on death row, and he’s going to be executed soon.”

Lu Yunshuang narrowed her eyes and said, “So what? Don’t forget that Chen Xuping still has a bosom friend. Send him a letter right away and tell him about Chen Xuping’s situation. He’ll surely save him regardless of the cost.” Without Chen Xuping, she seemed to be doing everything wrong. No matter what, she could not afford to lose a good partner-in-crime like Chen Xuping.

Hong Xiu was a little conflicted. “But that person’s whereabouts are unpredictable. I don’t know where to find him.”

Lu Yunshuang said confidently, “I’ll write a letter, and all you need to do is get someone to bring it to Yuelai Inn and give it to the innkeeper.”

Hong Xiu nodded. “All right.”

Lu Yunshuang got down from the bed, wrote the letter swiftly, and passed it over.

Hong Xiu took it.

Lu Yunshuang instructed, “You don’t have to go yourself. Just hand the letter to a spy who doesn’t have usual contact with you.”

After what happened last time, she had a feeling that she was under the Emperor’s surveillance, and as her close confidante, Hong Xiu was naturally no exception.

If they made any unusual moves, the Emperor would know at once.

Fortunately, she had already bribed a few capable people in the palace, and now they happened to be of use to her.

Hong Xiu took the letter and hurried off.

Lu Yunshuang finally felt at ease.

She wanted to rescue Chen Xuping not because she could not bear to let him die, but because he was still useful to her.

He was familiar with everything about her and was unwaveringly loyal to her, too. There was no one else in this world so devoted to her.

She could use such a person very effortlessly.

As long as that person was willing to rescue Chen Xuping, he would definitely escape his execution.

Afterward, Chen Xuping could live under a false identity and still work for her.

Her plan was well-devised, but she never would have imagined that Chen Xuping had already seen through her facade.

Grand Phoenix Palace.

Right after Lu Liangwei returned, she took a nap. After she woke up, she got dressed and came out, only to see Long Yang reading on the couch in the outer room.

He sat reclined with a book in his hand, a picture of leisurely languor.

Lu Liangwei smiled and sauntered over, saying with an air of surprise, “When did you come here, Your Majesty?”

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