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Chapter 645: 645

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Chapter 645: Yearned For Someone To Cherish Her

This infertility incense was obtained by his grandmother with Liu Fu’s help. He had heard that the medicinal materials used for the infertility incense were rare and not easy to obtain. Women would be unable to get pregnant after inhaling it a few times while those who were already pregnant would miscarry if they sniffed it too often.

He had planned all along for Lu Yunshuang to carry it on her. After all, she and Lu Liangwei were sisters. Regardless of whatever may happen, she would definitely have the opportunity to get close to Lu Liangwei.

However, he had never expected Lu Yunshuang to shrink away from this.

Lu Yunshuang knew that he was unhappy, so she held onto his arm and said gently, “It’s not that I’m unwilling to assist you with solving your troubles, but Grandmother has been pushing me, hoping me to get pregnant with a royal heir soon. If you have children, you’ll have a higher chance of victory.”

Long Chi could tell that the hidden meaning behind her words and his eyes narrowed. He suddenly carried her in his arms. “You’re right. I hope for Shuang’er to be able to give birth to my royal heir soon too.”

Lu Yunshuang was delighted. Her fingers slipped under his robes.

Shortly afterward, Long Chi once again left Lu Yunshuang’s room looking extremely disgruntled.

When he returned to his courtyard, he immediately summoned Jiang Chong. They conversed in whispers. Jiang Chong found the given orders rather strange, but did not ask any questions. He left quickly.

An hour later, Jiang Chong returned with a man who looked like a physician. He nudged the man toward Long Chi.

“Your Highness, I’ve brought him here.”

Long Chi looked at the physician grimly. “Give me your treatment. If you’re able to cure me of my ailment, I’ll reward you handsomely.”

The physician had been summoned to the Eastern Palace and was still in a slight daze, not knowing what to do. Now that he had heard Long Chi’s words, he gave a start and did not dare delay as he went forward to feel Long Chi’s pulse.

After fifteen minutes, the physician shook his head, puzzled. “There are no signs of anything wrong with your health, Your Highness. It might be best if you got another physician to check you.”

Long Chi’s expression turned darker. “There’s nothing wrong?”

The physician hung his head. “There isn’t. Your pulse is strong and you are in good health. There’s no trace of any ailment in you.”

Long Chi was secretly relieved when he heard this. He turned to Jiang Chong and said, “Send him off.”

Once Jiang Chong brought the physician away, the dark look on Long Chi’s face disappeared. He kept on thinking that maybe he was not the one with the problem. Lu Yunshuang might be the problematic one.

He had lost the excitement and interest he felt for her before in the last two days when he had touched her.

The image of someone quickly appeared in his mind and an evil smile appeared on his lips. He turned and left the courtyard.

Chen Qiyu had not expected the Crown Prince to come over.

Her body has been getting heavier the last few days. While her pregnancy was still not visible, she had the glow of a pregnant woman.

She did not have much of an appetite and could not take the smell of anything fishy. She had also been enjoying sour food.

She was currently sitting in the courtyard taking in the sun as she ate the sour plums sourced for her by Mei’er.

She was surprised at the Crown Prince’s sudden arrival and only curtsied with Mei’er’s help after she gave a start.

“Your Highness.”

Long Chi looked at her and was taken aback. He almost could not recognize the woman in front of him as the seductive concubine from his harem, Chen Qiyu.

Chen Qiyu looked completely different from her usual bright and seductive style. Her clothes and accessories were now plain and ordinary. Her appearance was mainly dressing in big and comfortable clothes. The usual carefully drawn makeup on her face had been washed off, and her natural beauty was radiating more.

It was not long before Long Yang frowned. He walked toward her while Chen Qiyu sat on a chair and later darted a look at Mei’er.

Chills ran through Mei’er’s heart as she gave Chen Qiyu a worried look before leading everyone away from there.

Once everyone was gone, Long Chi abandoned all politeness. He pulled Chen Qiyu to him and pressed her onto the chair.

Chen Qiyu was startled. She was reminded of those dark, endless days as coldness filled her eyes.

Why did these men always use her as a venting tool?

She was a human being made of blood and flesh. She yearned for someone to cherish her, and not demean her so completely.

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