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Chapter 653: 653

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Chapter 653: I Wouldn’t Be Able To Face You

Lin Zhenshu was relieved to hear this. It was fortunate that his old friend was broad-minded, and it was rare to see a person so optimistic after suffering such a heavy blow.

“There will always be a chance. When you’ve settled down, remember to send me a letter. I’ll go and visit you when I’m free, and we can have a nice drink together.”

“All right.” Duke Chen nodded. When his gaze landed on Lin Qingyuan, all sorts of emotions welled up in his mind.

He had a lot of regrets, but remembering his son’s deeds, he felt that it was wise of Lin Qingyuan to fake her death. Otherwise, he would have ruined her whole life.

Besides, that foolish scoundrel Chen Xuping was not worthy of Lin Qingyuan at all.

Lin Zhenshu took a bag from Lin Qingyuan and stuffed it into Duke Chen’s hands. “Even the best of friends must part at some point. Take care.”

The bag in Duke Chen’s hands seemed to weigh a thousand catties, and his eyes brimmed with tears.

The Duke Chen Family was also considered a prominent noble house, but the moment they fell into plight, their past friends shunned them right away.

Lin Zhenshu was the only one who came to see him off and extend a helping hand.

Although the Duke Chen Family was eventually pardoned from death, their property was confiscated, and now they were even about to be exiled from the capital. Duke Chen had an entire household to feed, and hence he readily accepted the gift instead of faking virtuousness and declining it.

“I’ll forever remember your kindness, Brother Lin. If you ever require my services one day, I won’t hesitate to lay down my life for you!”

Lin Zhenshu felt guilt-ridden when he heard this.

He had not been of any help when the Duke Chen Family was imprisoned, and the money that he had just given was only enough to support them for a while.

“I feel ashamed to hear you say this. I’m dreadfully sorry for not being able to help you out of this predicament.” Lin Zhenshu sighed.

“It’s us who should be ashamed. I didn’t know that Xuping had wanted to harm Qingyuan. Thank goodness that she’s all right, or else I wouldn’t be able to face you again,” Duke Chen spoke from the bottom of his heart.

Not only did he regret his son not being able to marry Lin Qingyuan, but he was also deeply ashamed of his son’s lack of judgment.

It was already a miracle that Lin Zhenshu did not shun him after Lin Qingyuan had almost been killed by Chen Xuping. Now that he was even willing to provide financial aid, he saw it as a tremendous showing of generosity.

“That’s all in the past; no need to dwell on it.” Lin Zhenshu, on the other hand, was also glad that his daughter had dodged a bullet by faking her death.

If not, his daughter would have married into their family and ended up being exiled together with them today.

How blind he had been to think that Chen Xuping was a good man who could make his daughter happy if they got married.

He had been utterly deceived by his gentlemanly facade.

“Hey, isn’t that Chen Qiyu?” Just then, Lin Qingyuan’s exclamation startled them out of their moment of reminiscence.

All heads turned to look, and sure enough, they saw Chen Qiyu descend a carriage and rush over toward them.

Aunt Liu’s face lit up with joy, and she hurriedly went up to her.


Chen Qiyu threw herself into her arms, her voice tearful. “Mother…”

Aunt Liu’s tears spilled out without reservation, relieved to see her daughter safe and sound.

She gave her a quick look over, thought of something, and asked, “I heard that you were… What in the world happened? Are you all right?”

Chen Qiyu paused. Aunt Liu probably already knew about the incident, but she did not want to talk about what happened in the brothel. She simply said, “I’m fine. His Majesty saved me and even brought me back to the Eastern Palace. Don’t worry about me, Mother. I’ll take good care of myself. You, on the other hand, are about to go on a long journey, and it will be difficult for us to meet in the future. Promise me that you’ll take care of yourself, Mother.” She then stuffed a bag of valuables into her arms. “Keep this safe.”

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