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Chapter 661: 661

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Chapter 661: I’ll Give You One Last Chance

Ji Linghui was starting to get a little anxious when she saw that Lu Liangwei was not angered by her words.

“You should know very well if you did it, Your Highness. Moreover, everyone here serves you. You are able to say whatever you like.” Ji Linghui suppressed her anxiety and kept her tone nonchalant when she spoke.

She hinted at the fact that Lu Liangwei was not admitting that she was wrong.

Long Qingzhi carried Wanyan Zhi over from Chu Jiu’s arms and looked him over. She was relieved to find out that he was unharmed. She frowned and looked at Lu Liangwei. “Your Highness, what actually happened? Why would the Prudence Consort say something like that?”

Lu Liangwei glanced back at Long Qingzhi. She knew that Ji Linghui’s words had made Long Qingzhi suspicious of her.

Lu Liangwei sighed and said lightly, “If I were to tell you that I did not exploit Zhi’er, would you believe me, Royal Sister?”

Long Qingzhi was taken aback, but pressed her lips without saying another word.

She did not completely understand what had just happened here just now. From the tone of Ji Linghui’s words, it seemed like Lu Liangwei had used Zhi’er to take down Ji Linghui.

Lu Liangwei observed Long Qingzhi’s expression and guessed what was going through her mind. It was pointless to say anything more at this point because Long Qingzhi might be feeling very skeptical about the situation.

Lu Liangwei remained silent and swept her gaze around everyone present. Her gaze fell on Ji Linghui in the end, and spoke coldly, “The palace guards who were present will be able to testify that the Prudence Consort attempted to harm the Prince. I may be the Empress, but this involves the royal family’s decorum and we should not deal with this so hastily. In regards to this matter, I will notify His Majesty and request for him to make the decision and hand out any punishment he deems necessary.”

Lu Liangwei had just finished her words when Long Yang’s voice rang out right on cue. “Who does the Empress want to be sentenced?”

Lu Liangwei turned around to see Long Yang appearing with Zhao Qian and a few others.

Chu Jiu knelt in his direction on one knee before Lu Liangwei said anything. “Your Majesty, the Prudence Consort attempted to harm the Prince of the Grand Princess. It was fortunate that Her Majesty was able to see through her ruse and prevent the Prince from being harmed.”

Ji Linghui immediately said, “That’s utter nonsense. Why would I want to harm the Prince? Harming the Prince brings me no benefit. You can’t smear my good name so readily just because you serve the Empress. Please investigate this, Your Majesty!”

With that, she knelt in front of the Emperor as well.

Meanwhile, the Virtuous Consort had come over to take a look at what was happening when she noticed that no one had returned. She never expected that she would witness such a scene. She was shocked, and felt something strange was going on.

Long Yang darted a look at Lu Liangwei and, before she said anything, he held her fingers and turned to look at Ji Linghui. “The Empress would never smear anyone’s good name, so why would she be doing that to you? What evidence do you have that you did not harm the Prince?”

Ji Linghui’s heart sank to the very bottom when she heard this.

His Majesty was clearly siding with Lu Liangwei. There was nothing she could do to change this even if talked until her throat went hoarse.

She smiled bitterly at the thought. “Your Majesty has been blinded by the truth because of your love for the Empress. There is nothing I have to say!”

The expression on everyone’s faces changed when they heard her words.

What did Ji Linghui mean by this? She was suggesting that His Majesty was a self-indulgent ruler who would blindly listen to the Empress because of his love for her, and refused to seek the truth.

This Prudence Consort was truly brazen!

Lu Liangwei had never thought Ji Linghui would deny her actions so adamantly even after she was caught red-handed, and even tried to place the blame on Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei had underestimated her!

However, she refused to have Long Yang be known as a self-indulgent ruler on her account.

As the situation had caused quite a commotion, it attracted the attention of many people in the Palace and the area was soon surrounded. If Long Yang punished Ji Linghui on the spot, it might spur gossip about how unjust Long Yang was.

Lu Liangwei was about to say something when Long Yang squeezed her fingers and looked toward Ji Linghui and said nonchalantly, “I had wanted to spare you the pain as you have been with the Palace for many years, but since you refuse to admit your wrongdoing, I’ll give you one last chance.”

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