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Chapter 665: 665

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Chapter 665: I’m Hungry Too
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Seeing this, Lu Liangwei pushed Long Yang away hastily and picked up Wanyan Zhi, who had run over to her.

Wanyan Zhi was already five and was no longer light, and Lu Liangwei had to summon some strength to pick him up.

Long Yang furrowed his brow and looked at Wanyan Zhi in displeasure, saying, “Did you just call her Big Sis?”

Wanyan Zhi glanced at him, only to catch sight of his glowering expression. His tiny body shuddered, and he wrapped his arms around Lu Liangwei’s neck tightly.

Being ignored so completely, Long Yang grew even more irritated. “You’re a boy, how could you act all whiny like a girl?” His handsome face turned particularly grim when he saw the little brat burying himself in Lu Liangwei’s neck, and he reached out and grabbed his arm to pull him out of Lu Liangwei’s embrace.

Wanyan Zhi pursed his lips, looking as if he was about to cry, and Lu Liangwei’s heart ached terribly.

She eyed Long Yang disapprovingly. “Your Majesty, Zhi’er is still a child. Don’t be fierce to him, or he’s going to cry.” She then lifted her hand and slapped him away from his hold on Wanyan Zhi.

Zhao Qian and the others stared at Lu Liangwei, dumbfounded.

They were even more shocked when their master did not show any sign of anger after a moment, and at the same time, they could not help feeling admiration for Lu Liangwei.

The Empress was incredible!

She was bold enough to slap the Emperor’s paw away, and most importantly, the Emperor did not rebuke her for it.

Long Qingzhi walked up to them with a rueful smile. “Zhi’er likes Weiwei so much that he doesn’t want his mother anymore.”

Long Yang shot her an annoyed glance. “What did you teach him? Why would he call Weiwei Big Sis?”

Long Qingzhi sighed. Sure enough, her guess was correct.

Brother was still bothered about being a lot older than Weiwei, or else he would not react so strongly just because Zhi’er had called Weiwei Big Sis.

“I’ve told him, but he still doesn’t get it. He’ll probably change when he gets older,” Long Qingzhi explained in resignation.

Long Yang was still frowning when he suddenly reached out, took Wanyan Zhi out of Lu Liangwei’s arms, and threw him back to Long Qingzhi. “I think he’s probably tired from playing all day long. Hurry up and bring him back to rest.” This oblivious little brat was so annoying. If Weiwei was Big Sis, what was he? How stupid of him to not even know to call her aunt.

Long Qingzhi, “…”

Holding her son, she looked at her brother with some restraint.

Why was Brother so rough on Zhi’er? What if he frightened him again?

He did not act like an adult at all, what a shame that Zhi’er had to call him uncle.

Sensing the tension between the siblings, Lu Liangwei was a little exasperated as well.

She felt that the Emperor was making a fuss about nothing.

He knew well that Zhi’er was Long Qingzhi’s lifeblood, yet he still treated Zhi’er so harshly. It was a miracle that Long Qingzhi did not fall out with him.

“Royal Sister, since it’s almost noon, you can have lunch at Grand Phoenix Palace before bringing Zhi’er back. I think Zhi’er is hungry too.” After smoothing things over, she took Long Yang’s arm, rubbed her belly, and whined in a soft, cutesy voice, “I’m hungry too.”

Long Yang’s expression softened at once, and he ruffled her hair. “In that case, let’s go back and eat.” He then turned and glanced at Long Qingzhi. “Come with us too, Royal Sister.”

Only then did Long Qingzhi’s expression lighten slightly, and she nodded. “All right.”

Lu Liangwei looked at the man beside her, her lovely eyes full of hidden joy.

During the Prudence Consort’s incident just now, he did not doubt her at all, sided with her unconditionally, and did not mention a single word about it afterward. Such complete trust filled her heart with happiness and touched her deeply.

Noticing her gaze, Long Yang turned to look at her and asked with a smile, “Why are you staring at me?”

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