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Chapter 669: 669

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Chapter 669: This Girl Was Always Full Of Surprises

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Long Yang patted her lightly on the back when he saw her frightened reaction. “Don’t be afraid. If I were to pass on before you, I would never allow you to suffer such pain.”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback. She had never expected to hear him talk about such matters and was not prepared for it. She placed her finger on his lips and frowned. “Don’t spout such nonsense, Your Majesty. You will be healthy and live for a hundred years.”

Long Yang was slightly stunned. He looked at her serious expression and suddenly gave a burst of low laughter. He flipped over and positioned her beneath him.

“Weiwei, you are truly a treasure bestowed to me by the heavens.”

Lu Liangwei blushed slightly.

It was only when she was becoming slightly breathless that Lu Liangwei grabbed him by the collar and pushed him away with all her might.

“Your Majesty, I wasn’t done talking.”

Long Yang nuzzled against her shoulder. He was a little distracted, but still replied to her adoringly, “Hmm, what would you like to ask? Go ahead with your question.”

“I’m just curious as to why your mother would choose to go through being a retainer sacrifice.” As someone from the modern world, Lu Liangwei found it extremely difficult to accept such a decision.

She might have understood the circumstances if a living human was forced to be buried with a dead person, but to willingly do so on her own accord?

It was unimaginable.

“Did your mother love the late Emperor very much?” She could not think of any other reason besides this.

Although, did such love even exist in this world?

To love someone so deeply to be willing to be buried alive with them.

It was a love that she found difficult to imagine.

Her gaze fell onto Long Yang’s handsome face and she could not help asking herself the question.

She did like His Majesty, but something was missing to make the emotion feel like true love.

If she had fallen truly in love with His Majesty in the future, would she be willing to do the same for him?

She was not sure.

Long Yang’s face fell slightly as a sarcastic smile appeared on his lips. He said condescendingly and with some disdain, “My father had many concubines and my mother was just one of them. How could my mother possibly be in love with him?”

Lu Liangwei was stunned when she heard this.

She could discern the mocking tone carried by his words and she suddenly realized the answer to the question.

Long Yang slowly began to elaborate. “My mother did it for me. The late Emperor promised me the throne in exchange for my mother going through the retainer sacrifice ritual. My mother agreed…but kept it from me.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart suddenly turned heavy when she heard this.

If His Majesty had known that his throne was obtained in exchange for his mother’s life, he would never have accepted the title.

He must have felt tremendous pain when he found out about the sacrifice his mother made for him.

She could not help but straighten up to kiss him on the forehead, and pull his head down into an embrace.

Long Yang was taken aback, but soon, he found himself feeling deeply moved and was a touch surprised.

The girl’s tenderness and gentle embrace had fired up his heart.

This girl was so much younger than he was, yet she was able to console him in this manner. How could he not feel touched and surprised by this gesture?

This had happened so many years ago and he did not feel too deeply about it anymore, but when the girl welcomed him in an embrace, he felt extreme warmth in his heart.

This girl was always full of surprises.

“Your Majesty, your mother loves you very, very much,” Lu Liangwei said gently after quite a while, and she released him from her embrace.

A mother would always be strong for her child. A mother would always find a way to do or sacrifice many unimaginable things for the sake of her child.

His Majesty might have been born in a royal family rife with in-fighting, but he was also lucky at the same time to have a mother who loved him so dearly.

His mother had sacrificed herself in what she had perceived to be the best option for him.

Long Yang reached out and pressed Lu Liangwei’s head to his chest and teased, “Weiwei also dotes on me very much..”

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