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Chapter 675: Slowly Win His Love Back

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Chapter 675: Slowly Win His Love Back

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Hong Xiu suppressed the fear in her heart as she reasoned, “Heir Presumptive Chen would not hide from you given how strongly he feels for you. I think that he might have been afraid of implicating you. He is now a wanted criminal of the imperial court, after all. His Majesty has decreed for all resources to be focused on re-capturing him after his escape. The situation is precarious right now, and it’s not wise for him to be hanging around.”

Lu Yunshuang’s foul mood dissipated slightly at Hong Xiu’s words, but there was something she still could not fathom.

If it was before, Chen Xuping would have come to meet her no matter how dangerous the situation was, yet now…

She decided to drop the issue. After all, the Duke Chen Family was now going through a huge calamity. He might not be able to come to terms with this for a while. He would calm down after some time, and after that, he would come looking for her on his own accord.

As for Chen Qiyu, that was a matter that could not wait any longer.

At this thought, Lu Yunshuang leaned in close to Hong Xiu and whispered some instructions to her.

Hong Xiu was slightly hesitant. “But, if we were to force her into a corner, wouldn’t Beauty Chen retaliate and strike you back? After all, the Crown Prince has always been aware of the brothel’s situation. If Chen Qiyu were to expose you and the Crown Prince found out that you were the one responsible for Beauty Chen for being sent there and having so many men… Even if His Highness doesn’t love Beauty Chen, she is still his woman. Would he be mad at you? There’s also the situation with the Empress Dowager…”

Lu Yunshuang’s face fell when she heard this. She had delayed making her move on Chen Qiyu for this exact reason.

However, if she continued delaying this, Chen Qiyu would give birth to a child soon. When that time came, the Empress Dowager and Crown Prince might be so overjoyed that they would promote Chen Qiyu to a higher rank.

Women rose through the ranks in the imperial harem through their children. If Chen Qiyu gave birth to a son, she would naturally be superior to the others. Even if Lu Yunshuang ranked higher, she would still be trampled on if she could not produce a male heir.

Lu Yunshuang could not afford to be cowardly over this any longer.

“When the time comes, we can just claim that the brothel needed more women previously and our men were so boorish that they mistook Beauty Chen as a common woman and abducted her for the brothel. Moreover, the Crown Prince and the Empress Dowager are aware of the brothel and they would never blow this up. They would also never allow a dirty woman like Chen Qiyu to continue staying in the Eastern Palace.”

Hong Xiu replied with slight worry, “Even if His Highness does not take any action on you because of this, this might still become a thorn in his heart.”

Lu Yunshuang said grimly, “I can’t worry so much about the details any longer. Once the matter with Chen Qiyu has blown over, I will have lots of opportunities to slowly win his love back.”

Hong Xiu decided to stop talking her out of it when she saw how determined Lu Yunshuang was. She set off to make arrangements according to Lu Yunshuang’s instructions.

However, Lu Yunshuang and Hong Xiu were unaware that a dark figure was leaping from the rooftop and flying off.

Chu Qi quickly reported to Long Yang about how the Crown Princess and her maidservant had conspired to harm Beauty Chen.

Zhao Qian, who was at the side, was tongue-tied when he heard this. “I never would have thought that the Crown Princess was the one who had sent someone to save Chen Xuping.”

Chu Qi shot him a look before looking back at Long Yang. “What should we do next?”

Long Yang gave this some thought before replying, “In this event, the Crown Prince would not create a big fuss over this because he would not want me to know that he was connected to the brothel. However, he would secretly take care of Chen Qiyu and, in the end, Lu Yunshuang would only be reprimanded. This won’t cause Lu Yunshuang any loss.”

“Are we supposed to let the Crown Princess off just like that?” Zhao Qian frowned as he asked.

His master had wanted to severely punish Lu Yunshuang when the brothel issue was exposed, but they had no concrete evidence. Besides that, his master had been anxious about marrying the Empress into the Palace as soon as possible. If Lu Yunshuang had been found guilty, it would have implicated the Grand Duke Family and affected the time of the wedding between his master and the Empress, which was why he had given in to the Empress Dowager and toned down the situation.

However, now that his master had married the Empress, he would not have anything to worry about.

His master had never cared for the Empress Dowager.

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