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Chapter 688: Seized

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Chapter 688: Seized

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She immediately understood the situation without Hong Xiu saying anything. She threw up fresh blood on the spot, which scared Hong Xiu pale. Hong Xiu quickly approached her with a handkerchief. “Your Highness, you must take care of your health.”

It took Lu Yunshuang quite a while before recovering. “Where’s the Crown Prince? Get the Crown Prince to see me.”

Hong Xiu lowered her head. “The Crown Prince has been summoned by the Empress Dowager.”

Lu Yunshuang clenched her blanket tightly. A bloody sweet taste welled in her throat but she forcefully suppressed it.


How dare he treat her this way?! Had he forgotten who was the one who secretly helped him to this current position?

Hong Xiu quickly attempted to comfort her when she saw Lu Yunshuang had turned pale with anger. “Don’t act rashly, Crown Princess. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The most important thing for you to do now is to nurture your health. Once a child has been borne by you for the Crown Prince, you will not need to worry about regaining the title of Crown Princess.”

These words were a reminder to Lu Yunshuang.

She touched her belly with her fingers.

That was right. She still had her last hand. She had made calculations on the day her mother passed, and had slept with the Crown Prince. She would definitely get pregnant this time. All she needed was to wait a few more days before getting the imperial physician to check her pulse. If she was really pregnant, all was not lost yet.

According to the imperial edict, the main reason for her being stripped of the Crown Princess title was not being able to produce an heir for the Crown Prince.

Lu Yunshuang clenched her fists tightly as she was filled with rage and shock.

Tranquility Palace.

Long Chi had thought that his Royal Grandmother would blame him for what happened with Lu Yunshuang. Surprisingly, she had no desire to admonish him for anything, and was even happy to see this happen.

“…Lu Yunshuang’s background ultimately holds no high standing. Now when you take over the throne in the future, you won’t need to go through the trouble of stripping her of her title. It’s better to follow the wishes of the Emperor for now and go with the flow. I had agreed for you to marry her because of what she was able to achieve back then. Now that we are unable to continue operating the brothel and your standing in the imperial court is already steady, it is just as well that the Emperor wants her stripped of her title. This is a good opportunity for you to marry another woman and strengthen the family further by picking someone who is able to give you better support.”

Long Chi nodded when he heard this and replied respectfully, “I understand.”

“Even though Lu Yunshuang is now useless to us, she still knows a lot about what we do. It is best that you continue to cajole her to prevent her from destroying our plans,” Empress Dowager Xiaojing instructed.

“I will,” Long Chi replied. He planned to console Lu Yunshuang properly when he returned.

“That’s good. Tomorrow is the Autumn Hunt. You should have an early rest today.” Empress Dowager Xiaojing waved him off.

It was only then that Long Chi stood up to leave.

The news of Lu Yunshuang being demoted to Lady of Excellence had spread all over and outside the Palace.

Naturally, Lu Liangwei had also caught word of it.

She had never thought that Long Chi would take the initiative to request an edict for Lu Yunshuang’s rank to be demoted. She was quite surprised at the news.

However, she gave this some thought and wondered if this had anything to do with His Majesty.

If His Majesty had forced this on Long Chi, Long Chi would likely have demoted Lu Yunshuang to a lower rank because he was unable to retaliate.

She touched her chin and contemplated this.

Everything that had happened up to this point had diverged very far from the original story of the book. About the Autumn Hunt tomorrow…

A chill ran through her when she recalled something.

The original story had mentioned something happening during the Autumn Hunt trip.

However, the plot now had almost nothing in common with the original story. Maybe whatever that was supposed to happen would not happen anymore.

Even though this was her reasoning, she was still cautious.

She was so deep in thought that she did not notice Long Yang entering until a large hand rubbed her head.

She lifted her head and stared back at Long Yang with her bright, shining eyes. “You’re back.”

She was about to get up and help him with his clothes when her shoulder was pressed down and the man’s warm breath came wafting toward her.. Then her lips were seized by his.

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