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Chapter 700: Scooped Her In His Arms And Walked Toward The Forest

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Chapter 700: Scooped Her In His Arms And Walked Toward The Forest

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Just as this thought crossed their minds, they noticed the chilling look coming from the Empress Dowager.

The guards gave a start. They did not dare wait any longer as they quickly searched the enclosure.

Long Yang finally showed some kindness as he said to Long Chi, “You’ve suffered a fright, Crown Prince. You should go and have some rest now.”

Long Chi was spurting blood in his heart. If his Royal Uncle had not insisted on asking so many questions, he would have already been resting right now.

“Thank you, Royal Uncle!” He pulled Beauty Lin along and quickly headed to the temporary imperial residence after bowing to Long Yang. At that moment, he had forgotten his dignity as a Crown Prince.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing rotated the Buddhist prayer beads in her hand. Her expression looked the same as usual, but she was actually feeling enraged.

Chi’er had suffered great embarrassment today.

It would have been fine if His Majesty did not see what happened, but unfortunately, he did. The Crown Prince’s embarrassment would spread all over the imperial court tomorrow.

“You’ve had a long day, Your Imperial Highness. You should return and rest soon too.” Long Yang’s tone was filled with concern.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing forcefully suppressed the rage she was feeling when she heard his words. She sighed, “Emperor, I think there was something fishy with what happened to the Crown Prince today. I hope you will be able to conduct a thorough investigation and find out who dared to cause such harm to the Crown Prince.” With that, she darted a look at Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei was standing by the side cheerfully and, when she caught the Empress Dowager’s gaze, she returned the gaze with a smile.

The Empress Dowager was caught off guard and quickly turned away.

Lu Liangwei sniggered in her heart. So what if the Empress Dowager suspected her? The Empress Dowager would still need to produce evidence.

If she was not able to, all she could do was hate Lu Liangwei.

Long Yang replied seriously, “Don’t worry, Your Imperial Highness. I would never allow someone to harm the Crown Prince. I will be sure to capture that ‘villain’ and claim justice for the Crown Prince!”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Empress Dowager Xiaojing knew that his words were just for show. He was just spouting them for the benefit of all the officials present. However, she was still forced to show a smile of gratitude. “I feel much more at ease after I hear your words, Emperor.”

With that, she left with Matron Chen.

After Empress Dowager Xiaojing left, Long Yang gave an excuse to get the officials to leave.

Lin Qingyuan and Chu Jiu caught each other’s eyes and wisely found an excuse of their own to leave before the Emperor kicked them out.

Long Yang approached Lu Liangwei once everyone had left and pressed her against the fence at the back.

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“What do you have to say for yourself, Empress?”

Lu Liangwei gave him an innocent look and asked, “What do I need to say for myself?”

“Still going on with this pretense?” Long Yang suddenly lowered his head and gently kissed her on the neck.

The kiss sent a wave of electricity throughout Lu Liangwei’s body as she wrapped her hands around his waist, her body going weak. “Your loyal wife does not understand. Please enlighten me, Your Majesty.”

When Long Yang saw her stubbornly acting tight-lipped, he scooped her in his arms and walked toward the forest.

Lu Liangwei quickly wrapped her arms around his neck as she gave him an astonished look. “Didn’t Your Majesty learn anything from the Crown Prince’s example just now?”

“It was you!” Long Yang said with a smile.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. She was not about to take the blame, so she replied earnestly, “You’ve got it all wrong, Your Majesty. It wasn’t me.”

“Wasn’t that medicine ball created by you?” Long Yang asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I did create it, but that doesn’t mean other people don’t have it. Don’t you have some of them on you, Your Majesty?”

“It really wasn’t you?”

“Of course not. Do I look like someone with too much free time on her hands?” Lu Liangwei replied without batting an eyelid.

“Then who was it?” Long Yang asked.

He suddenly thought of Chu Jiu and Lin Qingyuan, who were both with her just now, and immediately understood what had happened. “Lin Qingyuan was the one who threw the medicine ball?”

Lu Liangwei nodded and betrayed Lin Qingyuan without hesitation. “She was the one.”

Lu Liangwei paused and explained the situation. “That said, she didn’t do it on purpose. No one expected the Crown Prince to be in such a frisky mood and be in the forest.. We thought there were wild boars roaming about in there and she threw the medicine ball toward their direction, which ended up exploding on them.”


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