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Chapter 704: 704

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Chapter 704: His Majesty Lost

Lu Liangwei, “…”

She wanted to ride the horse by herself.

“Your Majesty, I think you must be tired from all that riding. Why don’t you get off the horse? I’d like to ride on my own for a while.” She turned to look at the man sitting behind her and attempted to negotiate.

She felt she had expressed herself very clearly and had spoken nicely about it.

However, a certain Emperor seemed not to understand what she was telling him and instead of agreeing, he hugged her around the waist. “I’m not tired. The horses here are quite wild, which makes me worry if you rode alone. It’s safer for you if I stay with you.”

Lu Liangwei had not forgotten his naughty misdeeds the last time he rode together with her.

They were not married back then and he held back somewhat because of that. However, they were now legally husband and wife.

All she wanted was to enjoy riding a horse. She did not want to be disturbed at all.

She looked determinedly at Long Yang at this thought. “Your Majesty, get off the horse.”

Long Yang, “…”

This girl was actually giving him orders?!

They stared at each other without backing down for quite a while until finally, the Emperor lost.

After Long Yang got off the horse, Lu Liangwei immediately pulled on the reins as if she was afraid he would back out on his decision. She rode off quickly into the grassy fields and before long that certain Emperor was left far behind her.

Long Yang stood where he was with a dark cloud forming over his handsome face.

Zhao Qian and Chu Qi stood nearby, both of them looking dumbfounded.

Their wise and powerful master was actually kicked off the horse by the Empress. He was kicked off the horse…

Their master must be left with a sour taste in his mouth.

However, why was this somehow cathartic for them?

Just as they were starting to take pleasure over their master’s misery, they suddenly sensed the Emperor giving them a death stare. They gave a start as they began to sense an ominous omen.

The next thing they knew, they heard their master inhumanely ordering them, “Zhao Qian, Chu Qi, keep up with the Empress and protect her. If anything happens to them, I’ll hold both of you responsible.”

“Yes, Master.” They quickly rode their horses and went after the Empress.

When Lu Liangwei noticed them following her, the first thing she did was turn to look at where Long Yang was standing, but he was no longer there.

She slowed down her horse and turned to ask Zhao Qian, who was following behind her, “Where did your master go?”

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“He has some administrative work to handle and has made his return first. He has instructed us to protect you, Your Highness,” Zhao Qian smiled as he replied.

Lu Liangwei nodded.

Even though they were on a hunting trip, Long Yang did not have much free time as he was the Emperor. A designated person would deliver Palace Memorials from the Palace every day for the Emperor to go through.

She rode the horse around the grassy fields a few more laps before she thought about something. She turned to Zhao Qian and Chu Qi and said, “Let’s take a look inside the forest over there.”

Chu Qi continued staying silent, but Zhao Qian could not help asking, “Are you planning to go hunting in the forest, Your Highness?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I’d like to hunt for a few pheasants.”

She paused and added, “I’m thinking about making some chicken soup for His Majesty.”

Zhao Qian was already planning to talk her into turning back.

It was because his master had given a stern order. Zhao Qian and Chu Qi would be punished if they were unable to take good care of her.

However, Zhao Qian changed his mind when he heard about Lu Liangwei’s intentions. He even encouraged her. “Master would be very touched to know that you’re thinking about him, Your Highness.”

He sighed and continued sympathetically, “To be honest, Your Highness, Master has been pouring himself into the handling of matters regarding the battle with Danjue all this time. It’s taken a toll on him physically and mentally. From what I can see, Master has gotten thinner and more frail. It’s high time he has something nutritious.”

Chu Qi darted a look at Zhao Qian but did not say a word.

It was true that it has taken a toll on Master physically and mentally, but it was not to the extent of Master becoming thin and frail.

Moreover, Master’s meals have been well prepared by the imperial kitchen every day and he was never short of nutritious food.. Why was it that when this fellow was describing the situation, it sounded like Master had not been treated well at all?

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