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Chapter 707: 707

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Chapter 707: Make The Emperor Perish In The Cool Mountains
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She was especially distressed when she saw her grandson’s pale handsome face. “I don’t mean to scold you. I just hope you can think more before acting in the future so that other people can’t get the dirt on you again. How are you feeling? Have you summoned an imperial physician?”

“Don’t worry, Grandmother. I’ve just consulted an imperial physician and taken some medicine, and I’m fine now,” replied Long Chi respectfully.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing was relieved to hear this.

She took a new string of Buddhist prayer beads from Matron Chen and twisted them in her hands.

If the Emperor had not been there, she would have sent her henchmen to do away with those guards in secret.

However, since the Emperor already knew about the incident, she would alert him if she murdered those guards.

This was why she was so agitated.

Now that the Emperor had recovered from his illness, it would be even more unlikely for him to hand over the crown. He would instruct his subordinates to play up the incident today, and soon, the entire court would know the embarrassing story of the Crown Prince attempting to get it on in the woods but ending up getting drugged.

It would mean utter humiliation for the Crown Prince.

How would he be able to rule the court in the future?

The thought made her chest hurt with anger. She turned the Buddhist prayer beads over and over in her hands, but her words dripped with murderous intent as she suddenly spoke, “This time, I’ll definitely make the Emperor perish in the Cool Mountains!”

Long Chi froze. Although the plan was set, and he had been harboring this idea for quite some time, he could not stop his heart from pounding when he heard his grandmother’s words.

After all, it was his royal uncle they were talking about – the ruler of Great Shang, the Emperor who had been in power for more than ten years and accumulated significant influence.

“Have you arranged everything? This time, it must be foolproof. If you slip up, it would be difficult to find another opportunity.” Empress Dowager Xiaojing reminded him while fiddling with the prayer beads.

“Rest assured, Grandmother. I have everything prepared, and I promise that there will be no slip-ups,” said Long Chi.

Only then did the Empress Dowager nod in satisfaction. Thinking of something, she reassured him, “Don’t worry, I’ve instructed Liu Fu to stay in the imperial capital and find a way to capture Madam Ling. When he does, your illness can be cured.”

Long Chi’s face clouded over at the mention of his condition.

Earlier in the woods today, he actually felt that he had already recovered, only to get shocked by that sudden loud noise.

Before he came over just now, he even went to Beauty Lin to give it another try, but he had already lost all his drive.

“Thank you, Grandmother!” He replied absentmindedly.

Unaware of the change in his mood, the Empress Dowager said to Matron Chen, “Is the medicine ready?”

Matron Chen understood right away. “Of course.”

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The Empress Dowager nodded. “Perfect. Go and get the Virtuous Consort over here in a while and give her the medicine. It would depend on her luck whether or not if it works.”

“Yes, Your Imperial Highness.”

Long Chi was puzzled. “What medicine are you giving the Virtuous Consort, Grandmother?”

A chilling smile played on Empress Dowager Xiaojing’s lips. “The Virtuous Consort’s admired your royal uncle all these years but to no avail. I feel sorry for her, so I came up with an idea to help her.”

Long Chi was startled. “What idea?”

The Empress Dowager said mysteriously, “You’ll know in a few days.”

As Long Chi left the orchid garden, he kept mulling over the meaning of his grandmother’s words.

What kind of medicine did she order Matron Chen to prepare?

It was no secret that the Virtuous Consort had been miserably admiring Royal Uncle all these years, but Royal Uncle was still a tough nut to crack.

Although those women in his harem whom he neglected could not be considered the most gorgeous in the kingdom, they were still of exceptional beauty. How could he be so indifferent?

When Grandmother mentioned medicine, did she mean… that kind of medicine?!

His eyes narrowed slightly at the thought.

Why did he not think of it?

Actually, given his condition, he could try taking that medicine too, and he might just recover..

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