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Chapter 716: 716

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Chapter 716: A Lethal Blow

However, the truth of the matter was that she was ultimately willing to help Chen Xuping today because they were half-siblings and shared the same bloodline.

Moreover, she could tell that Chen Xuping had changed a lot since escaping his execution.

It looked like he was no longer the fool he once was.

At the very least, he was not slovenly happy to be wrapped around Lu Yunshuang’s little finger anymore.

Meanwhile, Lu Yunshuang’s room was in a state of utter chaos.

The sudden appearance of an assassin stabbing the lady had resulted in the floor being covered with blood. The palace servants were shuddering in fear at the scene.

Even though Lu Yunshuang had been demoted from Crown Princess to Lady Lu, the Crown Prince still treated her well, which was why the servants did not dare relax in their service for her.

They immediately requested for the imperial physician to check on her while others set off to help capture the assassin.

After getting a thorough check-up from the imperial physician, Lu Yunshuang was fortunate enough to escape fatal injury despite being heavily wounded, however…

The imperial physician glanced at Lu Yunshuang’s pale, bloodless face and gave the matter some thought before informing her regretfully, “Your Highness, your life might not be in danger, but that stab has gone deep through your abdomen. Not only has your one-month-old fetus been miscarried, but your womb has also been damaged. I’m afraid it would be quite difficult for you to get pregnant again in the future.”

The imperial physician had actually given a conservative overview of her condition.

He fell short of mentioning that it was impossible for Lu Yunshuang to get pregnant again due to the damage.

Lu Yunshuang’s wounds had been patched up, but she was still sweating profusely from the pain. She forced herself to stay conscious with her very last breath, and when she heard the imperial physician’s diagnosis, she was frantic and was filled with sorrow.

She had been pregnant all this while?

But now…

She was unable to accept the imperial physician’s words, and her eyes rolled back as she lost consciousness.

“Lady Lu!” Hong Xiu exclaimed in shock.

She turned to the imperial physician and said hurriedly, “Please check if Lady Lu is okay.”

The imperial physician was also shocked by this and did not delay a second as he quickly checked Lu Yunshuang’s pulse. He discovered that she had just passed out due to a spike of anger and frustration. He sighed with relief.

“Lady Lu is fine. She just needs to quietly recuperate to regain her health.”

The imperial physician left after leaving a prescription.

Hong Xiu looked at Lu Yunshuang, who was lying unconscious in bed. She knew that Lu Yunshuang’s time was up.

What future was there for a woman in the Palace who was unable to bear a child?

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The most regrettable thing of all was that Lady Lu was actually pregnant. The fetus was almost a month old but now it was gone and she would never be able to get pregnant again.

Hong Xiu passed the prescription over to a maid distractedly. She instructed the maid to get the medicinal herbs, then sat in front of a table.

She could not help but see the irony in this.

Lady Lu had schemed and calculated numerous plans, yet she had ended up not only losing her Crown Princess title, but she had also brought about her own miscarriage. To top it all off, Lu Yunshuang could never get pregnant again.

This was a lethal blow for a woman.

That was even more pronounced for a highly ambitious woman like Lu Yunshuang.

Being unable to get pregnant meant that all of her desires could never be more than dreams now.

Lu Yunshuang would probably go berserk once she woke up and Hong Xiu would have to bear the brunt of it as she vented.

Hong Xiu sighed soulfully as she got up and left the room.

Cool Mountains.

The Autumn Hunt had recently begun. The men entered the enclosure to pursue their prey while the women strolled about outside.

Some of the more courageous aristocrats’ daughters had followed into the enclosure as well, flanked by guards.

Lin Qingyuan was itching to enter the enclosure to hunt as well because she had the coma-inducing medicinal balls given to her by Lu Liangwei.

“Weiwei, let’s join the hunt inside the enclosure too. We’ve got Chu Jiu with us anyway. Even if a wild beast somehow came after us, she would be able to protect us from it.” Lin Qingyuan persistently tried to convince Lu Liangwei..

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