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Chapter 721: 721

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Chapter 721: Attacked By A Wild Boar

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Someone immediately rushed toward the temporary imperial residence.

First Miss Ji looked like she had a very bad fall.

Once someone went to fetch the physician, Lu Liangwei acted as if she had just noticed herself stepping on Ji Linghui’s hand and moved her foot away. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see your hand.”

Ji Linghui trembled with anger, unable to utter another word.

Right then, Chu Jiu’s expression changed. She was about to pull Lu Liangwei away but her hand only grabbed empty air. Lu Liangwei was already running away as she turned back to shout at Lin Qingyuan. “Run! There are wild beasts coming.”

Lin Qingyuan turned and a frightened look appeared on her face. She pulled on her skirt and ran for dear life toward the outer skirts of the enclosure.

Chu Jiu, “…”

“Oh my gosh, there are wild boars and even wolves. How did they come in here?”

The officials and women standing outside the enclosure were suddenly all shouting as they ran toward the temporary imperial residence as well.

It was chaotic both outside and inside the enclosure right.

Ji Linghui lay sprawled on the ground. When she saw that the people who were originally surrounding them had disappeared in an instant, adding on the mention of wild beasts, she felt her breath turn thin out of fear.

Wild beasts. Were there really wild beasts?

“Help… Help…”

One of the two guards from the Duke Ji Mansion had followed Ji Lingxiu while the other stayed behind. He was about to run off as well when he saw everyone scuttling, but when he heard Ji Linghui’s call for help, he suddenly remembered that his First Miss was still there.

He was about to approach her when he saw a wild boar had gotten close. It was making a beeline for Ji Linghui as it attacked her.

Poor Ji Linghui was unable to move as her bones were all but broken. Now being assaulted by the wild boar, she was rolled about a few times on the grassy fields before she came to a stop.

Ji Linghui screamed continuously. Before she realized what was happening, she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. She turned to look, only to see a wolf had bitten her on the shoulder.

She felt her soul leaving her in the midst of the intense fear. She suddenly spotted the guard who was backing away in fear and shouted out in anger, “You lowly servant, why aren’t you saving me…”

That man was just an ordinary guard and was frightened by the fierce wild boar and wolf. However, he had no choice but to force himself to approach Ji Linghui when he heard her words.

Just as he had pulled out his sword, the wild boar rammed into him before he could slash the wolf and he was pushed down to the ground. He landed directly on top of Ji Linghui’s back.


Ji Linghui screamed one last time and immediately passed out.

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The guard was scared out of his mind but quickly stood up and managed to kill the wolf that had bitten Ji Linghui.

Lu Liangwei, the few officials, and ladies were currently hiding in the forest outside the enclosure. They peered inside.

“That was scary. Why did those wild beasts run out here for no reason?” A lady patted herself on the chest after calming down as she tried to soothe herself.

“It was lucky that Her Highness had noticed them in time to warn us. Otherwise, we would have been… I do not even dare to imagine it,” one of the womenfolk took the opportunity to flatter Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei sniggered in her heart. There were actually many guards stationed outside the enclosure and they would not have allowed the wild beasts to barge in anyway. She had shouted just now to create a distraction.

“I was scared by them as well. I’m sorry that all the ladies and young misses had to make a run for it with me,” Lu Liangwei said while looking embarrassed.

To the public’s eye, it looked like she had been frightened by what had happened because she was still young.

One of the womenfolk, who was accompanied by an official, brazenly held Lu Liangwei’s hand and tried to console her. “Your Highness is quite young, after all. It is only normal for you to be scared. We were all frightened too. Just look at me, my legs are still trembling.”

Lu Liangwei looked at her legs when she heard her words and saw her dress gently shaking.

The other womenfolk covered their mouths as they laughed. “We’re the same as well. Our legs are still shaking from what had just happened. Who would have thought those wild beasts would come running over? If they had barged past those fences and we hadn’t escaped in time, we would have been eaten.. Who wouldn’t be scared?”

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