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Chapter 729: 729

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Long Yang did not reply to her question and instead reached out to check her forehead. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”


The man’s dry palms covered her forehead.


She instinctively grabbed his large hand.


“I’m fine. I’m just feeling a little warm.”


A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips. “It might be caused by the soup we had during dinner. I’m feeling a little warm myself. Let me get you a cup of water.”


“Alright.” Lu Liangwei nodded.


Long Yang poured a cup of warm water and came back. He helped her up and gave her the water.


Lu Liangwei had only drunk half a cup before she stopped.


Long Yang smiled and accepted the remainder of the water.


Lu Liangwei lifted her head and saw the man drinking with his head raised slightly, exposing his neck.


His sexy Adam’s apple was moving slightly with every swallow.

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She watched him and suddenly felt her mouth go slightly dry.


The feeling only intensified when he finished his drink and she caught sight of the moisture on his lips. She could not help gulping.


Long Yang put back the cup to where he took it from and came back to sit down, only to be suddenly pushed down onto the bed by the girl.


He was a little taken aback, but not surprised. He reached out to gently caress her hair and asked huskily, “What’s wrong, Weiwei?”


Lu Liangwei buried her face against his chest, too shy to look directly at him. “I… I think I feel a little cold…”


Who was the one that claimed to be warm earlier?


A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips. “Alright. If you feel cold, why don’t I hug you to sleep?”


Lu Liangwei began to realize how silly it was for her to give such an excuse.


All she wanted was to bed His Majesty.


Why was she acting all cowardly about this?


She pursed her lips and ignored his words. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she closed her eyes and pushed her face closer to his. She found his lips as her mouth opened slightly.


Lu Liangwei was about to fulfill her desires when she felt her body spin. The next thing she knew, she was lying on the bed again.


The man’s solid body came hovering above her.


Lu Liangwei trembled, unable to control herself.


It was only when her hand brushed against something that she became slightly conscious about what was happening.


Her eyes widened as she stared at the man above her.


“Your Majesty, you…”


“Be a good girl and say my name,” Long Yang cajoled her while treating her with gentleness.


Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I won’t… Mmmm!”


Long Yang did not give her a chance to reject him.


Lu Liangwei was now powerless to accuse him of anything.


His Majesty was so naughty!


He clearly felt the same way she did, but he had suppressed his urges and slowly coaxed her into taking an active role.


This way, he would not be breaking his earlier promise.


Lu Liangwei felt that she was being hoodwinked.


However, she did not have the luxury of thinking about other matters the next moment.


Only when dawn was about to break did the commotion inside the room finally settle down.


Lu Liangwei slept soundly in Long Yang’s arms.


Long Yang watched her small, sleeping face, feeling satisfied with the night.



When Lu Liangwei woke up, she caught the rare sight of Long Yang still being in the room.


He was sitting at the side of the bed with a book in his hand.


She rolled to her side and asked curiously, “What are you still doing here, Your Majesty? Don’t you need to go hunting?”


Long Yang turned to look at her and saw how tired and sloth-like she was. He answered dotingly, “I’m not going anywhere today. Sleep some more if you’re feeling tired.”


Lu Liangwei nodded and buried her face into the pillow, closing her eyes.


Long Yang burst out laughing. “How are you supposed to sleep well when you’re lying on your chest? Be good and lie down properly.”


He placed his book down and helped adjust her into a better sleeping position.

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