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Chapter 730: 730

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When Lu Liangwei noticed what he was doing, she could not resist asking coquettishly, “But my back is so sore, and my waist hurts.”

Long Yang paused mid-action and asked, “Do you need me to massage you?”

Lu Liangwei’s eyes brightened as she nodded. “Yup.”

Long Yang sighed. “Just say so if you need my help. There’s no need to beat around the bush. Keep that in mind, alright?”

“Alright,” Lu Liangwei replied and it was not long before she began grunting from the comfortable pleasure she felt.

His Majesty massaged her really well. He used just enough strength, which was on par with a first-class masseur.

Long Yang could only smile bitterly as he watched the girl enjoying the massage while laying down on her chest.

She was feeling really comfortable, while he had to suffer during the process.

After about half an hour, Lu Liangwei felt the aching on her body was all gone and she stopped Long Yang from continuing.

When she turned back to look at him, however, she noticed that His Majesty was sweating profusely all over his forehead.

Huh? Was it that hot when he was massaging her?

“Your Majesty, are you feeling very hot right now?”

Long Yang darted a look at her and slapped her on the butt. “Get up if you’re no longer tired. I’ll take you out for a walk.”

With that, he got off the bed.

If he had stayed any longer, both of them would not be able to leave the bed.

Lu Liangwei was about to slander him as a hooligan when he slapped her butt, but when she heard his suggestion, she forgot all about it and got off the bed eagerly.

A moment later, Zhao Qian entered the room to serve them, sporting two huge dark circles around his eyes.

Lu Liangwei was shocked when she saw him. “Butler Zhao, what’s wrong with your eyes?”

Zhao Qian gave her an accusatory look and lowered his head, replying listlessly, “I suffered from insomnia last night.”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback but remembered that he had been bestowed with the deer penis soup by Long Yang.

This was a pretty tragic thing to happen to him.

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Poor Butler Zhao.

That said, this had happened because he asked for it.

She gave him a sympathetic look.

Zhao Qian was puzzled when he noticed her expression.

Even though he had suffered through the night, his master and Her Highness should have had a restless night as well.

They had drunk the soup as well, did they not?

With his master’s insatiable needs, how could Her Highness be pumped full of energy right now?

It was truly strange.

Could it be that the soup did not work on his master?

That could not be.

Zhao Qian had been castrated for many years, yet he was thoroughly tortured after having the soup. His master, on the other hand, looked pretty well this morning. Why did the soup not work on him?

Could it be… That his master was now impotent?

As Zhao Qian was having this dark thought, he suddenly felt a cold gaze fall upon him. He gave a start and realized he was looking into his master’s intimidating eyes, which looked as though they could see through Zhao Qian’s thoughts.

“Master?” Zhao Qian immediately turned his gaze away and lowered his head respectfully.

“Go and get ready. The Empress and I would like to make a trip outside.”

“Yes, Master.” Zhao Qian immediately went to make preparations when he received the order.

The preparations only involved getting two horses and some bows and arrows.

Lu Liangwei approached her horse. When she saw how Zhao Qian was still looking listless, she said to him, “Butler Zhao, you don’t look very well. You should go back and have a rest. There’s no need for you to follow us out today.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Zhao Qian nearly burst into tears from Her Highness’ kindness and consideration.

“These are some Heart Cleansing Pills. Take a nap after having them. It will be more effective.” Lu Liangwei passed him a little porcelain bottle.

Zhao Qian was so touched that he did not know what to say. “Your Highness…”

Lu Liangwei patted his shoulder. “You don’t need to say anything. Just go.”

With that, she got onto her horse.

Long Yang led Lu Liangwei into the enclosure with Chu Qi and Chu Jiu following behind.

“Is Your Majesty planning on taking me hunting?” Lu Liangwei asked while looking at the arrows in Long Yang’s quiver.

“Weiwei, have you learned archery before?” Long Yang turned to ask her gently.

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