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Chapter 749: 749

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Lin Zhenshu did not mention this again when he saw how much his daughter was opposed to it.

He had only mentioned it as a passing thought anyway.

Although, now that the Crown Prince had been deposed and the imperial harem was empty, the people in the imperial court would probably begin to make plans about it.

“Fine. It was just a casual thought. You shouldn’t be so nervous about it.”

Lin Qingyuan pursed her lips. She did not think this was a casual conversation at all.

Her father’s words had nearly scared her to death!

On the other side in the Emperor’s carriage.

The atmosphere was quite different from the high-strung one outside. Lu Liangwei was now using Long Yang’s thighs as her pillow.

It felt as if the one who had just deposed Long Chi from his title was not Long Yang at all.

The image of the furious Emperor in everyone’s mind did not look at all like him right now.

There was no sign of anger on Long Yang’s face, only adoration could be seen in his slightly closed eyes. He peeled a grape and fed it to Lu Liangwei.

The sweet and sour taste of the grapes made Lu Liangwei’s eyes squint.

Long Yang’s fingers pinched her cheeks when he saw this. He smiled and asked, “Is it very sour?”

“It’s not sour at all.” Lu Liangwei shook her head.

She opened her mouth. “I want another.”

Long Yang stopped peeling the grape and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “You want another?”

“Yes.” Lu Liangwei nodded. Her gaze was stuck on the grape held between his fingers.

Long Yang’s eyes fell onto her small red cherry lips and his deep, almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly.

He suddenly popped the grape between his fingers into his own mouth.

Lu Liangwei watched as he ate the grape. She blinked and was about to say something when she was suddenly staring point-blank at his magnified handsome face.


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Her pretty eyes widened as she felt him push the grape into her mouth.

Lu Liangwei’s face blushed bright red when she realized what he was doing.

The time that passed before he finally released her was probably long enough to half-boil a pot of tea. His slender fingers gently caressed her lusciously red lips as he asked huskily, “Did it taste good?”

Lu Liangwei tidied her clothes and sat up silently. She glared at him and said nothing.

Long Yang raised an eyebrow. “There’s no need to swallow your words. Just say whatever you have to.”

Lu Liangwei plucked a grape from the fruit platter on the short table. She held the grape between the tips of her fingers and darted a look at him. A small smile played on her lips as she asked, “Are you asking if the grape tasted good or… Did you taste good?”

Long Yang’s eyes darkened. His heart was suddenly beating faster than usual as he watched her being this playful.

His eyes narrowed. This girl really knew how to seduce him.

He suddenly reached out and pulled her back down to lie against his thigh, biting the grape from her fingertips in the process.

Lu Liangwei breathed in sharply.

The warm, wet sensation on her fingers made her tremble.

Long Yang smiled at her after eating the grape. “Weiwei tastes as good as usual.”

Lu Liangwei could not help but blush at his words.

Long Yang gave a low laugh as he pinched her nose. “You naughty girl, weren’t you quite brazen just now?”

Lu Liangwei slapped his hand away and buried her face into his chest. She did not say anything, but quickly moved away after a while when she suddenly thought of something.

Long Yang grunted as he pressed her back down. “Please don’t move, Weiwei.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Would he believe her if she told him that she did not do that on purpose?

It took a while for Long Yang to calm down. He touched her burning face and asked, “Do you still want to have the grapes?”

Lu Liangwei nodded.

Long Yang said nothing as he moved the fruit platter in front of her. He peeled each grape one by one and fed them to her.

He fed her dozens of grapes before stopping.

Lu Liangwei was enjoying them when suddenly the grapes stopped coming. She pawed at his hand and asked, “Why aren’t you peeling more? Do continue.”

Long Yang looked helplessly at her. “You shouldn’t have so many in one go. There’s still quite a distance before we arrive at the imperial capital.. You should take a nap now.”

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