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Chapter 750: 750

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Lu Liangwei pursed her lips at this.

Even though she knew very well that eating too much in one go was unhealthy for the gastric, it was just a few dozen grapes. They were surely not much to her.

The way she saw it, it must be because His Majesty did not want to peel any more grapes, which was why he had purposely tried to cajole her.

She darted him a look.

Long Yang noticed her expression and stopped while in the middle of wiping his hand with a handkerchief. He could not help laughing. “You greedy little cat. You can continue eating them when we get back. You should take your nap now.”

Lu Liangwei turned away listlessly but closed her eyes obediently to get some rest.

Long Yang covered her with a thin blanket.

She did not sleep much last night, so she soon drifted off to sleep. Her light, stable breathing could be heard inside the carriage.

Long Yang smiled as he stared at her little sleeping face. His eyes were filled with love and adoration.

Everything had gone smoothly today all because this girl had given him a warning on the day they first arrived at Cool Mountains. He had begun to plot his plans in advance due to this and had beat Long Chi at his own game by arranging assassins to appear at the very end to accuse Long Chi of treachery.

Questions began to fill his mind as he watched the girl’s thick, curly eyelashes.

This girl told him that she had a dream that there were assassins hiding in wait at Eagle Pass on their way home and she insisted that he prepared for such a thing.

It was just a dream and he did not take it seriously, but this girl was determined and forced him to make arrangements.

He was unable to convince her otherwise and, in the end, he gave in.

When he found out last night that Long Chi had the nerve to feed Weiwei aphrodisiac, he immediately connected it to Weiwei’s warning.

Long Chi had always been very careful. Why would suddenly act so brazenly?

The only explanation was that Long Chi was scheming something.

It was a scheme to ensure that Long Yang would never make it back to the imperial capital.

This hunch had convinced Long Yang to put in more effort in this matter.

It did not matter if the assassins in the ambush were arranged by Long Chi or not. Long Yang had already made the decision to push the blame to Long Chi and used the opportunity to depose him of his Crown Prince title.

Long Chi should never have harbored desires on Weiwei.

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If he had not done such a thing, Long Yang would never have thought about weeding him out.

Long Chi wanted not only his life, but also Weiwei. How could Long Yang tolerate this?

The only thing bothering Long Yang was… How did Weiwei’s dream come true?

Could this girl have found out something earlier on?

Long Yang could not understand this.

However, if the girl refused to say anything, he would not force her.

Long Yang pulled up a corner of the curtain and gave a few instructions to Chi Qi, who was riding on a horse next to the carriage. Then he leaned against the carriage wall and went to sleep as well.

He did not sleep much yesterday either due to the girl’s passionate advances.

Chu Qi sent out a batch of covert guards after receiving his master’s orders and instructed them to head to Xuyang and make a clean kill.

His master might have already demoted the Crown Prince to the Prince of Xuyang, but in fact, his master had no intentions of letting him off the hook.

Long Chi was the son of Crown Prince Jianzhang, and he had also been appointed as the heir to the throne for quite a while. If Long Yang let him off so easily, Long Chi would potentially stir up big trouble again one day.

It would be better for Long Chi to die in an accident on his way there.

The other matter that required looking into was to release the second batch of assassins secretly.

Meanwhile, in the imperial capital at the Grand Duke Mansion.

Liu Fu had been hiding outside the Grand Duke mansion for the last few days but did not have the opportunity to capture Ling Lihua.

It was because the woman was very alert and any slight movement could not escape her hearing.

However, this mission was given by the Empress Dowager and he must complete it no matter what.

Just as he was about to think up another plan, a guard with close connections to Empress Dowager Xiaojing suddenly spotted him. The guard whispered something to him and Liu Fu’s expression changed.. He immediately gave up the plan to capture Ling Lihua and went straight to the city gates with the guard.

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