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Chapter 761: Offering Of Beauties

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Chapter 761: Offering Of Beauties

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Long Xiao departed from Jiuhua Temple with his men after watching Zhao

QJan leave.

His heart was heavy as he made his way down the mountain.

Zhao Qjan’s words were his Royal Brother’s message.

His Royal Brother was giving him a warning

His heart sank deeper at the thought of the Crown Prince who had been


He pursed his lips and stared at the mountain road beneath his feet, the look in

his eyes thoughtful.

“What do you think, Master Wu? Long Xiao suddenly asked.

The advisor trailing behind him walked up slowly and glanced at Long Xiao’s

face. He knew that Long Xiao was considering backing out from their original

plan, which was why he did not answer the question directly. Instead, he said,

“My Liege, are you having second thoughts because of what happened to the

Crown Prince?

Long Xiao stared at the distant mountain range and said softly, “I planned to

rebel against Royal Brother solely because I was not happy with Long Chi being

appointed the Heir Apparent. But now, Royal Brother has deposed him.

Moreover, Royal Brother is now at his peak and is quite healthy. With the way

he handles things, Great Shang would only become even more prosperous

under his rule.”

Master Wu nodded in agreement. “His Majesty is indeed a fair and just ruler,

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but have you ever considered whether your followers would agree if you

decided to halt your plans?

Long Xiao sighed. This was his biggest headache.

“Were already living on the edge now,” his advisor reminded him.

Long Xiao smiled bitterly. “Royal Brother is a wise person. He might already

know what we have been conducting in private. Any action taken by us would

not escape his eyes.”

Master Wu nodded. “From the way Zhao Qjan talked to you, the Emperor might

already be aware of what we’re doing in the dark. But all he did was get Zhao

Qjan to give you a warning and give you no opportunity to act.”

Long Xiao ignored the negative thoughts in his head and placed his hands

behind his back. “Please continue, Master Wu.”

Master Wu paused before continuing, “With things as they are now, we can

only obey the Emperor. Any plots must be put on hold temporarily to make the

Emperor feel secure. This is the only way for us to continue making plans in

the future. Not to mention, you have stayed in the imperial capital for far too

long this time. You need to quickly request to return to your bestowed land

when we return to the capital”

“That sounds good. Let’s do that.” Long Xiao nodded.

He suddenly remembered something and a small smile appeared on his lips.

“My Royal Brother may look like he isn’t doing anything, but I fear he has

already made quite a lot of arrangements. He suddenly deposed Long Chi to get

rid of a roadblock on behalf of the Empress’ children. Even though there’s no

news of the Empress being pregnant, it is clear that Royal Brother is extremely

indulgent toward his little Empress.”

A thought struck Master Wu when he heard this and he suggested, “A beautiful

woman can corrupt a man thoroughly and destroy his ambition. Why don’t we

search for a few beauties after our return and offer them to His Majesty?

Long Xiao was in agrement with the suggestion, especially when Zhao Qjan’s

words crossed his mind.

Now that the imperial harem was empty and His Royal Brother was at the peak

of his libido, the Empress would probably be unable to satisfy him. If he took

the opportunity to offera few young and exquisite beauties to be introduced

into the Palace at this time, his Royal Brother would probably enjoy it.

He turned to give instructions at this thought. “Quickly search for some

beauties. I want them to be young and.. hmm.. for them to be similar to the

Empress’ type.’

“Yes, Liege.” His subordinate immediately left to work on this.

Long Xiao’s eyes narrowed as he looked toward the direction of the imperial

capital. A fair amount of time passed before he continued his journey down the


Imperial holiday home.

Zhao Qjan took out the imperial edict and read out Empress Dowager Xiaojing’s

crimes before turning back to give a junior eunuch behind him a look.

The junior eunuch immediately walked toward Empress Dowager Xiaojing

while holding the poisoned wine that had been prepared earlier.

Empress Xiaojing had not yet recovered from the shock of hearing Zhao Qjan

read out her crimes, and when she saw the junior eunuch holding the poisoned

wine while approaching her, her eyes widened. She began struggling madly.

“What do you think you’ re doing? Tm the Empress Dowager.”

Zhao Qjan sneered and said, “Have you ever thought you might end up this way

when you caused harm to His Majesty? His Majesty had been taking care of you

for so many years, allowing you to have the title of Empress Dowager and

enjoy all the perks that come with it. Have you ever struggled with your

conscience over this?”

“You’re spouting nonsense. You will die a horrible death for framing me this

way!” Empress Dowager Xiaojing screamed hysterically.

Her hair had come undone and became a mess during the struggle. There wassa

feral look on her face. The arrogant expression she used to wear had long


“Death is approaching you and you’re still trying to give excuses.” Zhao Qjan

shook his head.

“Do you think you would still be breathing today if not for us trying to avoid

dirtying a quiet place of religion?” With that, Zhao Qjan waved his hand and a

few palace guards came forward to hold down Xiaojing. The junior eunuch

holding the poisoned wine expertly clenched Empress Xiaojing’s jaw and

poured the poisoned wine down her throat.

“No, I won’t drink this.. Liu Fu. Liu Fu.. As she struggled, she suddenly

remembered that she had sent out Liu Fu to protect Long Chi..

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