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Chapter 764: What Am I In Your Eyes

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Chapter 764: What Am I In Your Eyes
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Lu Liangwei noticed Ling Lihua’s sudden change in mood. She paused and held Ling Lihua’s hands. “What’s wrong, Mother?”

Ling Lihua forcefully suppressed her sadness and was smiling again when she lifted her head. “Nothing.”

Lu Liangwei looked into her eyes and said seriously, “Mother, if there’s something bothering you, you can always tell me. Even though I might not be able to give you a solution, we can still try to figure it out together.”
Ling Lihua looked at her understanding daughter and felt very comforted by her. “It’s not anything that I can’t say to you. It’s just that before your father left for battle, he came looking for me at the medicinal shop. He was drunk that night and stayed overnight at the shop…”
Lu Liangwei looked with astonishment at Ling Lihua. “Father went looking for you and stayed the night at the medicinal shop?”

Ling Lihua blushed and quickly said, “Don’t run wild with your imagination. He was drunk, so I let him stay in the guest room.”

Lu Liangwei could not help laughing when she saw how anxious Ling Lihua was acting. She looked as shy as an eighteen-year-old girl. “Why are you acting so nervous? My imagination ran nowhere.”

The one with wild imagination was clearly her mother. Something must have happened between her parents that night judging by the guilty look on her face. No wonder her mother had gone to the city gates the day her father left for battle, even watching him depart while deep in thought.
Ling Lihua’s face tumed redder when her daughter laughed so brazenly at her. “You cheeky girl.”

Lu Liangwei immediately stopped when she saw her mother about to get mad, then she asked, “Mother, did Father say something to you that night?”

Ling Lihua was a little sorrowful as she said in a very soft voice, “Your father came looking for me that night and talked about some things. Now that I think about his words, I’m feeling a little sad.”

“What did Father say?” Lu Liangwei was a little curious.

Ling Lihua opened her mouth and was about to say something when a maid came running to them.

“Your Highness, there is bad news. Lady Lu and the Dowager Duchess are arguing.”

The look on Lu Liangwei’s face changed. “Lady Lu is back?”

“That’s right, and she’s arguing with the Dowager Duchess right now. Aunt Lan was the one who instructed me to come looking for you,” the maid replied anxiously.

Lu Liangwei immediately stood up when she heard this and tured to Ling Lihua to say, “Mother, let’s head over there together.”

“Alright.” Ling Lihua held Lu Liangwei’s hand and they quickly ran toward Longevity Hall.

As the mother and daughter stepped into Longevity Hall, they heard Lu Yunshuang’s shrill voice.

“Grandmother, I’m your granddaughter too. Why are you treating me this way? Just because Madam Ling is back, you’re even making up a story about me having a different biological father. Isn’t this just an attempt to get me out of her way? You’ve really planned this all well. What am I in your eyes? A
beggar by the roadside? Or some abandoned cat or dog you can get rid of without batting an eye?”

The Dowager Duchess was very hurt by those words and could not say another word for quite a while.
“Grandmother, are you alright?” Lu Liangwei rushed toward the Dowager Duchess’ side when she saw this and rubbed the Dowager Duchess’ back.
The Dowager Duchess seemed to feel better when she saw her youngest granddaughter. She shook her head. “I’m fine, there is no need to worry.”

Lu Yunshuang was at first surprised to see Lu Liangwei and her mother appear, but later sneered. “Looks like I was right. I guess there’s nothing else for you to say, Grandmother. You’re truly a great grandmother to me. To think that I respected you so much, only for you to treat me this way in return. It
chills me to my core.”

Aunt Lan had brought in a cup of Ginseng tea and had finished feeding it to the Dowager Duchess. She could not help but turn to look at Lu Yunshuang. “Lady Lu, what is truly chilling are the words you just uttered to the Dowager Duchess. Do feel free to tell everyone how the Dowager Duchess has
mistreated you all these years and we’ll let everyone be the judge of it.”

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