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Chapter 767: 767

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Chapter 767: Could Not Wait To Rub Salt Onto Her Wound

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Ling Lihua found this to be absolutely ridiculous.

Lu Yunshuang refused to acknowledge her father, yet hid behind him out of fear. What did she treat him as?

Lu Liangwei felt sorry for Zeng Lunan when she saw his bleeding shoulder. She moved forward to say, “Mr. Zeng, I think we should take a look at your wound.”

“Weiwei, let me handle this.” Ling Lihua said as she approached him. Even though Lu Yunshuang was her intended target, Zeng Luan had been wounded because of her.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Alright.”

Zeng Lunan sat down at the side while Ling Lihua helped to clean and bandage his wound.

Zeng Lunan was wounded quite badly as a portion of his flesh was mashed up.

Lu Yunshuang was not bothered at all when she sawit.

‘The Dowager Duchess sighed. She looked at Lu Yunshuang and said, “I know this is difficult for you to immediately accept this, but this is the truth. No one had made it up.”

‘The look on Lu Yunshuang’s face darkened.

She had been the Crown Princess, who was of high stature, yet was demoted to a Lady of Excellence in one night. She had also lost the baby in her womb, which was why these people could not wait to rub salt onto her wound and step on her as if she was mud.
They had invented a biological father for her out of nowhere and were plotting to kick her out of the Grand Duke Family.

Were they afraid of her embarrassing them because she had now lost all her power?

Lu Yunshuang was not about to allow them to have their way.

Moreover, with her current situation, she could not afford to lose the backing of the Grand Duke Family.

She had lost the title of Crown Princess and she might not be able to get pregnant again. If she lost the Grand Duke Family’s backing, anyone could bully her in the Eastern Palace.

At the thought of this, she changed her tactic from being stubborn to put on a crying face. She looked helpless and pitiful. “Grandmother, my mother had just passed away and I had lost my child a few days ago. I haven’t recovered from my pain and now that I learn I’m not a daughter of the Lu Family, it’s
difficult for me to accept this so suddenly. Please forgive me for being so agitated. Don’t cast me away…”

She knelt in front of the Dowager Duchess as she said this and began sobbing.

The Dowager Duchess felt conflicted when she saw this.

‘The Dowager Duchess may be old, but she was not easily manipulated. She was able to tell very clearly if her granddaughter was putting on an act.

However, she could not bear to harden her heart at the sight of her pitiful granddaughter kneeling in front of her.

“It’s alright. The floor is cold. You should stand up first.” In the end, the Dowager Duchess’ expression softened as she said this.

Lu Yunshuang took the opportunity to stand up but tugged and refused to let go of her grandmother’s sleeve. “Grandmother, I know I was at fault. Please forgive me.”
‘The Dowager Duchess was slightly annoyed. A wicked person at heart could never disguise their true faces no matter how hard they tried to hide it.

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‘The Dowager Duchess had never noticed this side of Lu Yunshuang because she had always gone through life easily. Lu Yunshuang had always acted obedient and understanding in front of the Dowager Duchess and in addition to that, Weiwei used to be arrogant and stubborn, often creating trouble.
Compared to Weiwei then, everyone had looked at Weiwei as an unruly child while Lu Yunshuang gave the impression of a good girl.

In reality, Lu Yunshuang was just better at hiding her true self.
Now, the Dowager Duchess had finally witnessed for herself what a vile person Lu Yunshuang was.
Moreover, Lu Yunshuang had just been spouting those vicious words, and now, she was suddenly acting in such a pitiful way. The Dowager Duchess was not so naive as to be tricked by Lu Yunshuang.

‘The Dowager Duchess was not happy about this as she pushed Lu Yunshuang’s hand away to say coolly, “It’s not important if I forgive you because a person should at the very least have a good conscience. Now that your birth father is here to acknowledge you, you should know that he is still your father
even if you aren’t able to accept it so readily. You shouldn’t be saying unkind words to him.”

She paused and continued, “You’re now a grown-up and I’m not able to discipline you any longer. Anything you face in the future, you should discuss it over with your birth father.”
Lu Yunshuang’s heart sank as she clenched her fingers tight inside her sleeves.
She had already shown weakness, but this old woman was still hard-hearted enough not to forgive her.

She was making Lu Yunshuang discuss things over with her birth father, which meant that the old woman was prepared to cast Lu Yunshuang out from the Lu Family..

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