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Chapter 774: 774

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Chapter 774: Don’t Think Too Highly Of Yourself


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Lu Liangwei could somehow guess what was going through her mind, but things had already happened, so there was no point crying over spilled milk.

Together with Aunt Lan, she helped the Dowager Duchess back into her seat, then brought a cup of water for her.

‘The Dowager Duchess had calmed down considerably, but she still did not speak anymore. She had decided that she would no longer care about Lu Yunshuang’s fate.

Zeng Lunan was unable to raise his head.

Shock and shame were nowhere near enough to describe his feelings right now.

He had come to the imperial capital in hopes of meeting his daughter, but he ended up learning something like this.

Disappointment welled up inside him.

Nevertheless, he still could not bear to abandon her.

She was his daughter, after all.

All these years, he had barely fulfilled his duty as her father, and the day they finally met, she was about to be sent into exile by the Emperor.

After a long while, he pursed his dry lips and slammed his forehead to the floor. “Your Majesty, I do not dare to plead mercy for my daughter, but I only hope that you can grant me permission to accompany her in exile.”
Everyone in the room fell silent upon hearing his request, not knowing what to say.

Although Lu Yunshuang refused to accept him as her birth father, blood was thicker than water, after all. It was human nature that Zeng Lunan could not bear to watch his daughter get exiled.

However, before Long Yang could answer, Lu Yunshuang got up shakily from the ground, and instead of being grateful, she snapped bitterly, “Did I ask you to accompany me? Who do you think you are?”
Zeng Lunan’s expression froze on his face, and he tuned around, only to see Lu Yunshuang limping inside with one hand propped on the door frame.

Right now, she seemed to have descended into a state of reckless despair.

Her hateful gaze swept over everyone in the house as she sneered. “All of you are always highlighting my faults, but what do any of you get when you make a mistake?”

‘The Dowager Duchess closed her eyes, not wanting to spare her another glance.

Seeing this, Lu Yunshuang seethed with resentment and said sarcastically, “If Lu Liangwei was the one at fault today, I bet you wouldn’t react like this.”

Ling Lihua scoffed. “You think everyones like you? No matter what Weiwei does, she’d never stoop to your level of immorality. Even though you’re a woman yourself, you were still capable of committing such a despicable crime!”
Not only did she collude with officials, but she even abducted women and forced them into prostitution. She was more inhumane than a beast!

‘The Dowager Duchess was utterly disappointed in her.

However, Lu Yunshuang was not ashamed at all and shouted angrily, “Who gave you the right to lecture me? My mother’s death was caused by you and your daughter.” After a pause, she looked at Long Yang and said mockingly, “If a prince commits a crime, he is just as guilty as a commoner. In that case, if
the Empress murdered someone, can you still handle the matter fairly, Your Majesty?”

Zhao Qian roared, “How dare you speak so insolently to His Majesty?” With that, he rolled his sleeves up, ready to rush forward and strike her.

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Who did this woman think she was? Her time was almost up, yet she still had the guts to question the Emperor and Empress!

“It’s all right, Butler Zhao.” Lu Liangwei stopped Zhao Qian. Although Grandmother did not care about Lu Yunshuang’s fate anymore, she had still watched the girl grow up. If Zhao Qian were to strike Lu Yunshuang right in front of her, she would be greatly distressed.
Zhao Qian immediately halted in his tracks. “Yes, Your Highness.”

Lu Yunshuang shot Lu Liangwei a disparaging look. “How generous of you, Your Highness, but I’m not going to be grateful to you.”

Lu Liangwei eyed her calmly and said in an indifferent tone, “Don’t think too highly of yourself.” She then turned to Zhao Qian. “Tell Matron Chen to come in..”

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