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Chapter 775: 775

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Chapter 775: You Need To Come To Your Senses


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Matron Chen was still waiting outside the door. It did not take long for Zhao Qian to bring her in.

Matron Chen knelt before Lu Liangwei once again with some trepidation. “What would Your Highness like to ask of me?”

“Matron Chen, how did Madam Zheng die?” Lu Liangwei questioned.

Before Matron Chen could say anything, Lu Yunshuang sneered. “Lu Liangwei, there’s no need to put up any pretenses. Both mother and daughter know very well how my mother died.”
“shut up!” Lu Liangwei glared coldly at her.

“Who do you think you are to interrupt when I’m asking the questions? Also, we have every right to take Madam Zheng’s life for what she did all those years ago. Moreover, we weren’t the ones who killed her. Don’t you dare attempt to malign us this way. Don’t think for one second that by being the first to
voice out unfairness, you would be able to undo all your wrongdoings. Every single thing you did, every crime you conducted, is enough for you to suffer a hundred deaths. Do you need me to list them out one by one?”

Lu Yunshuang choked. Her face turned green when the words hit her.

It was true that she had purposely brought up Madam Zheng’s death to try and worm her way out of any convictions, but she had not expected that Lu Liangwei had seen through her ruse.

Lu Liangwei did not give her another chance to speak and immediately turned to Matron Chen. “Tell us everything you know about what happened all those years ago.”

Matron Chen did not dare to hide anything and immediately told them everything she knew.

“The Empress Dowager ordered me to have Madam Zheng killed because she knew too much. In order for her not to die under suspicious circumstances, I bribed a woman who was taking care of Madam Zheng to poison her with a slow-acting toxin. That woman was a cunning and unscrupulous person
who had long grown tired of living in White Cloud Temple. When she learned that Madam Zheng had no way of returning to the Grand Duke Mansion, she began to serve Madam Zheng more sloppily when she fell sick. That was why a minor flu was able to turn Madam Zheng’s condition into a serious

one, which became so bad that she became bedridden.

“After that, I instigated that woman to poison Madam Zheng with the slow-acting poison, who was expected to die very soon. However, no one had expected Your Highness to suddenly visit White Cloud Temple just a few days before the poison took its toll. Your Highness brought Madam Zheng back and
cured her of the poison. Liu Fu had been closely monitoring Your Highness’ movements all the while, which was why when Madam Zheng was brought inside the medicinal shop, he found an opportunity to silence Madam Zheng for good. That is the whole story I know.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “You may leave.”

“Thank you, Your Highness!” Matron Chen was relieved and left with some difficulty.

Zeng Lunan sighed. “So, that was what happened.”

Lu Yunshuang screamed. “You stupid thing. A few words from them and you’re completely hoodwinked. Matron Chen is loyal to Lu Liangwei now. She would do anything Lu Liangwei tells her to, so obviously every word she said would shed Lu Liangwei in a positive light.”
Zeng Lunan looked slightly upset. He could understand if his daughter was unwilling to acknowledge him, but to be insulted by her this way was not acceptable.

He frowned and said, “Why would you think that? The things your mother has done would justify Her Highness executing her. There is no reason for Her Highness to be making up such stories. You need to come to your senses and start realizing the error of your ways. If you admit your mistakes now, His
Majesty and Her Highness might be willing to pardon you.”

Zeng Lunan sounded anxious at the end of his sentence—he really wanted Lu Yunshuang to own up to her mistakes.

Lu Yunshuang shot a sarcastic look at Lu Liangwei.. “I will never apologize to you!”

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