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Chapter 777: 777

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Chapter 777: If You Can Bear To See Lu Liangwei Die At My Hands


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Long Yang suddenly thought of something and frowned. He turned to look at Lu Yunshuang.

“Conspiring with officials from the imperial court, forcing young girls from reputable families to become prostitutes, and attempting to murder me with the Crown Prince. Those are unforgivable crimes!”

‘The Emperor’s intimidating and authoritative voice caused Lu Yunshuang to jump. She was trembling all over and the internal injuries she had suffered began to hurt. She was covered in cold sweat as she knelt.

“Your Majesty, you can’t convict me of any crimes just because of a few words from the Empress. Whatever she just said were only guesses. There’s no evidence at all. Please investigate this matter thoroughly, Your Majesty!”

Lu Yunshuang observed her surroundings as she spoke.

She noticed Lu Liangwei stood closest to the Dowager Duchess and the two of them had the weakest defenses compared to everyone else in the room.

She glanced at Zeng Lunan and began to make plans.

No matter what, Lu Yunshuang could not die just yet.

At the very least, she needed to witness Lu Liangwei ending up worse than her!

Long Yang sat on his chair while listening to Lu Yunshuang, but was unmoved. “Do you really think I have no evidence at hand? Zhao Qian, take her away. Since Lady Lu demands evidence before accepting her death sentence, I’ll give her the opportunity!”
He had wasted too much time today because of Lu Yunshuang. All he wanted now was to return to the Palace with Weiwei as soon as possible. If not for being considerate to the Dowager Duchess, he would have announced Lu Yunshuang’s execution earlier.
“Yes, Master,” Zhao Qian answered respectfully as he walked toward Lu Yunshuang.

Before he could get close to her, a powder-like substance came floating through the air.

“Watch out!”

Someone inside the room gave a shout.

Zhao Qian evaded the powder attack deftly, but there was too much powder and he accidentally breathed in some. His body immediately weakened as he went limp.

“Careful, Master, it’s Nerve Weakening Powder!” Zhao Qian cried out weakly as he crumpled to the ground.

Long Yang and Ling Lihua were both surprised and they immediately covered the mouth and nose with their sleeves.

A delighted look flashed in Lu Yunshuang’s eyes.

She had hidden Nerve Weakening Powder on herself for these few days to defend herself from another assassination attempt by Chen Xuping. She initially planned to use it against Chen Xuping but never expected that it would come in handy now.
‘The Nerve Weakening Powder was not of the ordinary kind. She had spent a large sum to purchase it. A minor intake was enough for one to be immediately rendered limp and immobile.

Lu Yunshuang had taken the antidote right before she scattered the powder, which was why she was not fearful of the powder spreading around in the room. She continued scattering a few extra handfuls and, while everyone was busy trying to avoid breathing it in, she took the opportunity to run toward
the Dowager Duchess.

She sneered continuously and roared, “Since you don’t want me as a granddaughter any longer, we’ll walk the path to hell together and continue being grandmother and granddaughter down below.”
Aunt Lan and Lu Liangwei, who were nearest to the Dowager Duchess, were shocked when they heard this. Both of them instantly tried to protect the Dowager Duchess.

Lu Liangwei even stood directly in front of the Dowager Duchess to protect her.

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“Lu Yunshuang, there is absolutely no hope for you!”

A delighted smile appeared on Lu Yunshuang’s lips. She grabbed a hair stick, pointing the sharp end at Lu Liangwei without hesitation.

Her aim had always been Lu Liangwei—her declaration just now was nothing but a distraction.

Now that Lu Liangwei had placed herself directly on her path, it suited Lu Yunshuang’s plan perfectly.

‘The Dowager Duchess was considerably old, but she was still pretty agile with her hands and feet. To play it safe, Lu Yunshuang targeted Lu Liangwei, who did not have any martial arts skills at all. Moreover, Lu Liangwei was the Empress, and picking her would be a more solid bet.
Lu Liangwei had always had the upper hand on her. Now that Lu Yunshuang ended up this way, it was all Lu Liangwei’s fault. She deserved to go to hell along with her.

Everything happened too fast and everyone inside the room was not able to react in time.

Long Yang and Ling Lihua’s expressions hardened when they saw Lu Liangwei fall into Lu Yunshuang’s clutches.

“Lu Yunshuang, I’ll make sure you die a horrible death if you even dare touch a hair on Weiwei’s head!” Long Yang’s voice was chilling as fury bumed within his eyes.

Lu Yunshuang yanked on Lu Liangwei’s hair with one hand and used the other to press the sharp end of the hair stick against Lu Liangwei’s fair neck.

‘When Lu Yunshuang heard the Emperor’s words, she sneered condescendingly. “Kill me now if you’re able to, or if you can bear to see Lu Liangwei die at my hands.”

With that, she inched the sharp edge even closer to Lu Liangwei’s neck..

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