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Chapter 781: Lu Liangwei Could Feel The Back Of Her Head Tingling

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Chapter 781: Lu Liangwei Could Feel The Back Of Her Head Tingling


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That was why His Majesty was so angry.

He was mad that she had acted recklessly, mad that she did not wait for his rescue and had chosen to take action on her own.

She was about to say something when Ling Lihua walked in.

Lu Liangwei could only swallow the words she was about to say.

Ling Lihua did not approve of Lu Liangwei’s actions either, but she could not bear to lecture her daughter. Not to mention, Lu Liangwei had just experienced extreme danger.

“You unpredictable girl…” Ling Lihua said helplessly as she pulled open Lu Liangwei’s collar and helped her clean and bandage her wound.

It was lucky that Lu Yunshuang needed Weiwei as a shield to make her escape, which was why Weiwei was not harmed anywhere vital.

However, despite the wound on her neck not being deep, she was still stabbed by the hair stick several times and her skin had been pierced through, which caused a lot of bleeding. The front of Weiwei’s dress had all been dyed red.
Her fair skin looked pretty frightening when dyed red by blood.

After Ling Lihua was done cleaning Lu Liangwei’s wound, she took out some wound infection medication and poured it over Lu Liangwei’s neck. Next, Ling Lihua took out a piece of bandage and wrapped her wound.

‘After everything was done, Ling Lihua checked Lu Liangwei’s pulse.

Ling Lihua was once again grateful that taking Weiwei hostage was a last-minute plan of Lu Yunshuang’s. If Lu Yunshuang had poison spread all over the hair stick beforehand, it would have been a horrific outcome in the end.
Ling Lihua could finally feel relieved when she was sure that Lu Liangwei had only suffered some loss of blood and was not harmed in any other way.

“Alright, all is fine. Your wound should not touch water for these next few days. Pay better attention to yourself and you’ll be fine after a few days.”

Lu Liangwei wanted to touch the bandage around her neck, but at the thought of her strength not being fully restored yet, she gave up and answered obediently, “Alright, Mother.”

Ling Lihua rubbed her head and when she noticed Lu Liangwei was still wearing the blood-stained dress, she frowned and began to help Lu Liangwei out of the dress.

Long Yang came over when he saw this. He was polite but insistent. “Madam, since Weiwei’s wound has been cleaned and bandaged, let me take care of the rest of her needs.”

Only then did Ling Lihua remember that her Emperor son-in-law was still there.

She was taken aback by what he said and stood up grudgingly. “Fine. I’ll go concoct some medicine in the small medicinal room.”

“Thank you for the trouble, Madam,” Long Yang replied to her casually and nodded at her.

Ling Lihua did not think too much of this. They were husband and wife, so it was no big deal that he wanted to help Weiwei change her dress.

‘The moment Ling Lihua left, Long Yang reached out to untie Lu Liangwei’s belt.

Lu Liangwei said anxiously, “I can do that on my own…”
As she said this, she suddenly realized that she was still unable to move and felt slightly embarrassed about it.

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Long Yang darted her a look and said nothing. He undressed her outer clothes deftly.

Lu Liangwei could feel the back of her head tingling.

Why was His Majesty so temperamental? He must still be mad.

She looked at the tightened expression on his handsome face and said softly, “Are you still mad at me, Your Majesty?”

Long Yang pulled down her blood-stained dress effortlessly and got up to fetch a clean inner garment from the cupboard for her to change into.

Lu Liangwei noticed that even though he was not speaking, he was being quite gentle to her.

She pouted. His Majesty’s actions were so contradictory.

Once he had helped her put on the new dress, Lu Liangwei could no longer hold it in and asked, “Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you that mad at me?”
Her fingers moved as she said this, attempting to pull his sleeve.

However, that small movement was enough to tire her out and she started to sweat profusely.

Long Yang immediately held her hand in his palm when he saw this. His voice sounded grim. “Your neck is wounded. You shouldn’t be moving about.”
Lu Liangwei shook her head briefly, but that made her instinctively take a sharp breath and call out in pain.

Long Yang immediately clutched her anxiously… “What’s wrong? Did you tear your wound?”

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