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Chapter 782: Weiwei Did Not Need Him At All

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Chapter 782: Weiwei Did Not Need Him At All


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Lu Liangwei suddenly smiled sweetly at the man who was looking anxious. This time, she did not dare to shake her head. All she did was said softly, “It doesn’t hurt as long as Your Majesty isn’t mad.”
Long Yang replied helplessly, “I’m not mad.”

Lu Liangwei grunted. “You’re mad and you’re not admitting it.”

His expression was grim and his face was as long as a horse. Whoever saw him knew immediately that he was mad.

Long Yang curled up his finger and flicked her on the forehead. “If you know I’m mad, would you dare act so rash again in the future?”

Even though Lu Liangwei had restored some of her strength, it was still a lot of effort for her to raise her hand. That was why even though her forehead was a little painful, she was unable to rub it. She could only pout. However, now that she reflected on her actions, they were truly dangerous. Even
though she did not regret them, she knew that her actions had caused His Majesty, her mother, and the rest to be worried.

She was silent as her head lowered. “Alright. I promise not to act so rashly next time.”
Long Yang sighed. He knew she was different from other ladies of the court. Even though she did not have martial arts skills, she would sometimes act particularly courageous. She was not the kind of girl who would wait for someone to rescue her whenever there was danger.
However, this was the very reason why he was a little gloomy.

It was because whenever Weiwei faced danger, the first thing that came to her mind was not to go to him for help nor would she wait for his rescue. She would instead figure out a way to escape from danger.

He sometimes admired this trait of hers tremendously, but there were times when this trait of hers had caused him to be crestfallen because Weiwei did not need him at all.

He felt a little depressed as he reached out to press her head against his chest. “It’s good that you know that.”

He paused and his almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly. “Although this time, I was at fault too.”

When Lu Yunshuang had said those horrible words to Weiwei, he should have killed her with the palm of his hand. That way, nothing would have happened after that and Weiwei would not have been wounded.

However, this was the Grand Duke Mansion, after all. No matter how terrible Lu Yunshuang acted, the Dowager Duchess had watched her grow up.

If he had killed Lu Yunshuang with one move then, it would have been a great disrespect to the Dowager Duchess and might cause her to be unhappy toward him and Weiwei.

He would have been alright with it, but Weiwei would have cared about it.

Lu Liangwei understood what he meant and was very touched by it.

His Majesty was always thinking far ahead.

Even though her grandmother was chilled to the core by Lu Yunshuang, killing Lu Yunshuang in front of her would only cause her grandmother to be rendered with regret.

‘That was why no matter how enraged His Majesty was, all he did was wound Lu Yunshuang and did not kill her immediately.

Lu Yunshuang was actually courting death. If she had not held Lu Liangwei hostage, His Majesty might not necessarily sentence her to be executed on account of the Dowager Duchess, but she could not avoid being exiled.

Serves Lu Yunshuang right for being directly killed by her mother. Even grandmother had nothing to say to that.

“It had nothing to do with Your Majesty. Who knew Lu Yunshuang would act in such an underhanded way?” Lu Liangwei did not agree with him.

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Long Yang pulled her out from his arms and replied gently, “Alright, you should stop talking. You’ve hurt your neck. You should lie down and rest now.”

Lu Liangwei obliged obediently and with his help, laid down on the bed.

She looked at the man’s handsome and elegant face as she asked, “You’re feeling tired too, Your Majesty. Do you want to rest together?”

Long Yang looked at her a little deeper. “Do you want me to accompany you?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes.”

Long Yang wanted to lie by her side a while too, but this was the Grand Duke Mansion. Ling Lihua was still in the medicinal room next door while the Dowager Duchess had inhaled Nerve Weakening Powder and had yet to restore her strength.
“Your mother is still next door to us,” he reminded.

Lu Liangwei was a little embarrassed as she was reminded of this. “Well… Then, just help yourself.”

Long Yang shook his head and smiled while looking at her. “Go to sleep. I’ll stay by your side..”

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