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Chapter 789: 789

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Chapter 789: She Was Not Going To Fight With The Emperor

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Lu Liangwei glanced at her in surprise.

Lin Qingyuan immediately knew from her reaction that she had no idea about this at all.

She lowered her voice to a whisper. “I heard from my father that His Majesty even threw a fit in court over this matter.”

Lu Liangwei was indeed unaware of this.

Of course the Emperor would keep something like this from her.

She put a hand to her forehead in frustration.

‘The quiet in the palace had only lasted for a few days, and the court officials were already itching for action.

She could guess their intentions. Now that the Crown Prince had been deposed and the position was vacant, they saw a new glimmer of hope.

All of them longed to send their daughters into the palace so that they could bear children for the Emperor and earn a shot at competing for the title of Crown Prince.

At the sight of Lu Liangwei’s silence, Lin Qingyuan could not help feeling uneasy and hurriedly comforted her, “Don’t worry too much. I’m only telling you so you can be mentally prepared, but given how much His Majesty favors you, I’m sure he won’t stuff random people into the harem.”
“It’s all right. I’m fine,” Lu Liangwei said in slight exasperation after coming back to her senses. She was not going to fight with the Emperor over such a trivial matter.

Lin Qingyuan peered at her calm face apprehensively. She suddenly regretted her big mouth.

“You’re not going to fight with His Majesty, are you?”

Lu Liangwei was baffled. “What’re you thinking?”

Lin Qingyuan laughed dryly. “Can’t you see I’m worried about you?”

Lu Liangwei smirked. “It seems to me that you’ve been terribly bored recently. Maybe I should grant you a marriage.”

At her words, Lin Qingyuan’s expression changed drastically, and she immediately grabbed her arm in an ingratiating manner. “That won’t be necessary. I don’t want to get married yet.”

“But Madam Lin sent me a letter a few days ago and asked me to select a good family for you to marry into,” Lu Liangwei continued.

Lin Qingyuan gritted her teeth. “My mother did that?”

“Do you want me to show you the letter?”

“No, no. If my mother sends you a letter again, just reject her directly and ignore her.” Lin Qingyuan gnashed her teeth in frustration. How could Mother go behind her back and ask Lu Liangwei to grant her a marriage? Did she want her to get married that badly?
Lu Liangwei patted her arm. “Don’t overthink it. Your mother’s just worried about your marriage. But if I find a good candidate, I’ll be sure to tell you first.”

Lin Qingyuan refused sharply, “Don’t even bother!”

“You’re not thinking of ending up an old maid, are you” Seeing her look of repulsion, Lu Liangwei could not help feeling curious.

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“Old maid?” Lin Qingyuan was mystified. She was already used to Lu Liangwei randomly uttering strange words and phrases, but it was her first time hearing this particular expression, which left her confused for a moment.
“It means a single woman who is regarded as too old for marriage,” Lu Liangwei explained.

Lin Qingyuan tapped her chin and thought for a while, then said, “That doesn’t sound too bad, being an old maid.”

“That is, if your parents don’t kick you out of your house.” Lu Liangwei was quick to dampen her enthusiasm.

Lin Qingyuan sulked a little. “I bet they will.”

Lu Liangwei was amused, but she knew that Lin Qingyuan was joking. After all, women in this era would become the subject of gossip if they remained unmarried or even if they got married at an older age.

Lin Qingyuan was also born in these times, and she only rejected marriage now because she had been hurt by Chen Xuping. After some time, she would recover, and maybe then she would still want to get married.
Right then, Zhu Yu walked in. “Miss, Beauty Chen from the Eastern Palace is asking to see you.”

Lu Liangwei was startled. “Chen Qiyu2”

“Yes,” replied Zhu Yu.

Lu Liangwei thought for a while, then said, “Tell her to come straight to Grand Phoenix Palace..”

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