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Chapter 792: 792

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Chapter 792: Adultery Had Already Been Committed Against Him

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Chen Qiyu could not help but roll her eyes at Lin Qingyuan. “How could you think that of me?”

“guess that’s not the case.” Lin Qingyuan sounded slightly disappointed.

Lu Liangwei rolled her eyes too.

Even if Chen Qiyu did not have an affair behind Long Chi’s back, adultery had already been committed against him a few times over.

“Get up quickly. Even if you’ve done something wrong, I’m willing to resolve your crime,” Lu Liangwei said to Chen Qiyu.

Chen Qiyu had no choice but to stand up, but she felt even more guilty.

“Go on and tell us quickly.” Lin Qingyuan could not resist pressing her about it because she was very curious as to what Chen Qiyu had done.

“When my big brother snuck into the Eastern Palace the other day and wounded Lu Yunshuang, he escaped into my courtyard when he was trying to evade capture by the guards. We are siblings, after all, and I helped him hide from them,” said Chen Qiyu.
She knew that Chen Xuping was now a wanted man of the imperial court, yet Chen Qiyu had hidden him, a criminal. She had a guilty conscience about it and felt a great need to say it out loud.

“So, this was what happened.” The news did not bother Lu Liangwei at all.

“You’ve said it yourself—he is your older brother, no matter the case. It makes sense that you’ve offered him help. There was actually no need for you to tell us about it.”

Lin Qingyuan clenched her teeth and said hatefully, “How dare he show his face around here?!”

Chen Qiyu was relieved when she saw that Lu Liangwei was not mad about this.

“You saved him because you still care about him as his sister, but the imperial court will not give up trying to capture him,” Lu Liangwei continued.

“Tunderstand,” Chen Qiyu said.

“didn’t do it to go against the imperial court. I just noticed that he had changed a little, which was why I chose to help him.”

Lin Qingyuan was not ready to let this go as she said, “Don’t forget that he used to be in cohort with Lu Yunshuang. He might have had something to do with the suffering you went through last time.”
Chen Qiyu shook her head. “It’s not like that. He explained the situation to me. He had no idea about what happened back then. Lu Yunshuang had done it all behind his back.”

Lin Qingyuan snorted. “And you believe him?”

Chen Qiyu bit her lip and said in a low voice, “Even though we’ve never gotten along as siblings, we are still related by blood. I believe that he would never do such a thing that’s no better than an animal.”
Lin Qingyuan was still angry even after hearing those words. “I was his fiancée. I grew up with him, yet he tried to have me killed. That jerk, that beast!”

Lu Liangwei and Chen Qiyu looked at each other when they saw how angry she was. They could not help but sympathize with her. They understood very well why she was feeling the way she did.

Chen Xuping used to be everything to Lin Qingyuan, but in the end, all it took was one word from Lu Yunshuang, and Chen Xuping did not even hesitate to have her killed.

“My big brother used to be stupid enough to believe Lu Yunshuang. If he were to be given another chance, he would never do that again. When we met again that day, I could tell that he was remorseful about what he had done.” Chen Qiyu could not help but try to console Lin Qingyuan.

Lin Qingyuan shot her a look. “You are siblings who care about each other. It’s only natural that you would side with hi

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Chen Qiyu gave a small smile. “‘m not siding with him. To be honest, if Lu Yunshuang asked him to kill me, he would not have hesitated to have me murdered. However, Lu Yunshuang did not intend for me to die. She wanted to humiliate me. No matter how disgusting I am, I’m still his sister. He would
never agree to something like that, which was why Lu Yunshuang had kept it from him.”

Lin Qingyuan grunted coldly. “I was truly blinded back then.”

“Alright, let bygones be bygones. Stop thinking about unhappy things. We should be looking ahead. Think about it this way, Chen Xuping was a blind man to have missed his opportunity with you. As for you, isn’t it lucky that you didn’t end up marrying him? It’s possible that you’re no longer with Chen
Xuping because you’re destined to meet a better man than him,” Lu Liangwei said in an earnest tone..

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